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Remarkable Automation Campaigns

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Have you noticed anything about the websites you visit? You’ve most likely have come across several marketing automation activation yet didn’t realize it.

Marketing automation is a software that automatically sends notifications or emails based on the goals and responses you’ve defined. While Asia is slowly adapting to the new practice, there are already some preferred ways brands and businesses choose to connect with their customers and other businesses.

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Here are some examples of the best marketing automation practices.

Zalora’s Win Back Programs

Zalora,  a one stop online destination for everything fashionable in the Philippines, takes marketing automation seriously.

The brand uses marketing automation to win back customers who have been inactive or left the site without purchasing. The giant e-retailer sends e-mails to remind customers of the items they were previously interested in and send promos to further entice them. It seems like a sneaky tactic but the reminders drive curiosity and bring customers back.

Images taken from email from Zalora.

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Althea’s Treatment Programs

Althea, a digital destination for all things K-beauty, uses marketing automation to customize their ads based on customer transaction history.

Those who buy frequently will have exclusive offers from the website while those who are on the fence about making a purchase will get a much bigger discount in order to gain interest.

Image taken from email from Althea.


Nasty Gal’s Welcome Program

While any website can have pop ups, Nasty Gal filters the recipients of their interstitial ads into first-time and inactive web visitors.  The brand makes sure the ad briefly shows what they’re about, what the customers can expect, and allows the customers to start shopping. This allows Nasty Gal to capture the customers’ attention and get them interested to further browse the site.


The image is taken from Emarsys.


The New Marketing Route

Marketing automation is touted as the third most popular tool in Asia for marketers. Other streams of marketing like social media and content marketing unsurprisingly take first and second place on the marketing priority list. However, with this new means of marketing, Asia has every opportunity and potential to make these programs work for their businesses and brands.


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