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Product Spotlight: AdWise

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Marketers think of two things whenever we sit down to craft our digital marketing plans for the year; what is the best way to reach the right audience and how can we effectively draw interaction from them. There’s a plethora of digital channels on hand that can do either of those two, but those, of course, come with their own limitations. Such are target audience’s access to the internet and even ad viewability on their devices.

Reliance on connectivity is one of the challenges of digital marketing, like when a dependable connection is not guaranteed in a specific area or especially when targeting a segment where the internet falls along the lines of luxury. Recognizing this need, AdSpark has developed a mobile channel that allows brands to send targeted communication to mobile users without the need to connect to the internet and also encourages interaction. This, my friend, is AdWise.


It Works, Really!

AdWise works, really! Send brand communications to ANY mobile device. Yes, that includes your old Nokia phone. AdWise is a sim-based mobile advertising platform that pushes interactive campaigns without relying on internet connectivity. You can create dynamic and highly engaging content in a single session such as surveys, landing pages, Q&As, coupons, and a lot more.


Immense Reach

What is the audience reach of AdWise? This is actually a very good question. AdSpark, being a full subsidiary of Globe Telecom, has the EXCLUSIVE capability to tap Globe’s massive 20 Million subscriber base. (Subscriber database is anonymized and fully complies of the Data Privacy Act.) Aside from reach, AdWise further allows you to identify selected audience profile based on the relevance to your brand such as location, demographics, and psychographics.


Can’t Help But Engage

Capture the attention of your audience with AdWise’s on-screen communication that definitely can’t be missed. The on-screen notification doesn’t expire until the engagement is finished or cancelled at the onset.

Interactive screens allow you to capture valuable consumer insight through surveys, generate awareness on new products or services, and generate actionable leads. Maximize engagement employing various calls-to-action such as SMS to inbox, click to directly call your hotline or drive traffic to selected website.

Incentivise Interaction

Make it more enticing for your audience to engage by offering special promos, discounts, or freebies that they can avail of after completion. Provide premium products such as a free cup of Starbucks when user avails of the special SMS code that can redeemed in store via bCODE or maybe even exclusive content from GMovies and Hooq.


AdWise delivers effectivity and efficiency to your mobile campaigns. For inquiries, please send us a message at newsletter@adspark.ph

AdSpark Team

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