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Why Work For AdSpark

Because we are digital natives who know how to mix work and play.
Join our young, dynamic and innovative team driven by a culture of excellence.

  • Senior Client Success Manager

    The Senior Client Success Manager for Globe AdSpark Team (GAT) will be in charge of Account Management, Campaign and Annual Planning, Campaign Execution, Optimization and Reporting, People Management, Finance, and Admin.


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Create and enforce new account management processes to exhibit best-in-class (BIC) servicing
    • Identify and drive opportunities for growth through initiatives for brands and campaigns handled; Effectively drive client retention, renewals, upsells and client satisfaction in order to grow gross revenue and profit
    • Work through the campaign lifecycle process from briefing to planning; Plan the digital strategy for key core and cornerstone campaigns for the full FY
    • Recommend tactic/vendors to achieve goal KPIs and objectives
    • Present, defend or justify, alongside colleagues, the output of the Agency
    • Ensure campaign launches on time, on spec and finishes according to the set budget and KPIs are achieved or surpassed
    • Identifying where performance of live campaigns can be improved
    • Analyze metrics to see what improved or is not improving; Provide actionable insights to the clients
    • Check all spends – actualized vs planned – and declare savings for budget transfer to new or other campaigns Organize and handle administrative requirements for the assigned business – CEs, invoices, revenue tracking, contracts, meeting schedules, etc.
    • Supervise and support Client Success Manager/s to ensure projects are properly managed and clients are satisfied
    • Answer emails, calls, and requests from client


    • Must have strong Digital Marketing and media background
    • Strong account management skills and people management

    Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience

  • Client Success Manager

    We are looking for someone with great organizational skills, has a passion for winning, and is client-centric. Ideally having a background in working with an ad agency, you are familiar with account management processes as well as working with internal teams.


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Daily, you’ll be involved in handling digital marketing campaigns and solutions for a range of clients, communicating with clients, briefing project teams and monitoring account deliverables to further grow the accounts and our business
    • Lead in setting meetings, creating status reports, finance monitoring for owned brands
    • Understand clients’ business and marketing challenges to create marketing plans, scope campaigns, manage initiatives and upsell other AdSpark services
    • Manage client feedback and input, challenging their thinking and helping them in learning more about digital, and clearly communicating objectives and challenges so the agency can develop solutions to solve those challenges
    • Have input on strategic decks, calendars, proposals, media plans, and presentations based on understanding of client business and issues
    • Write briefs, lead kick-off/download meetings for the project team, and work proactively with clients on feedback/approvals
    • Manage clients to meet critical deadlines (directly or when appropriate through other Client and Agency leaders)
    • Manage account-level finance, billing forecasts, invoice requests, status reports and document decisions between the agency and our clients
    • Able to train and manage a direct report
    • Collect constant feedback from clients on the performance of campaigns and marketing activities


    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Understanding of the digital landscape
    • Experience in managing accounts and projects
    • Superb communication skills
    • Ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders through email, written reports, presentations, etc.



    • 2+ years of experience as a Client Success Manager role in a digital company
    • Creative, media and digital agency experience is a plus
    • Experience working within Corporate Brand guidelines
    • Possesses a deep passion and understanding of digital media, traditional media and brand marketing
    • Experience working with clients to develop and negotiate project scopes and budgets
    • Demonstrate familiarity with marketing concepts and terms and be able to communicate them clearly both in writing and orally
    • Must possess strong interpersonal skills; be able to work independently, multi-task, and meet deadlines with a confident, positive attitude
    • Thorough understanding of emotionally driven creative concepts
    • Proven ability to establish a direction and vision which mobilizes the creative team to meet clearly defined goals
    • Proficient in MS Office applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    • Experience using Project Management Software (Jira)
  • Finance Operations Manager


    • Acts as the main point of contact for addressing any inquiries and questions related to financial operations.
    • Initiates the performance development and training programs for the team
    • Motivates and leads team members by clarifying roles and providing helpful feedback
    • Ensures that financial operational activities are executed and delivered as per the standards set by the company.
    • Develops operational initiatives to achieve financial goals.
    • Ensures that all financial transactions are properly recorded, filed, and reported
    • Facilitates day-to-day accounting operations, including general accounting and tax, revenue accounting, accounts payable, billing, and collection.
    • Manages payables, receivables, and treasury activities.
    • Monitors and manages payments and collections through accurate reconciliation of financial records.
    • Ensures that there is accurate recording of expenditures and collections in the appropriate journals and ledgers
    • Assists in financial management and reporting activities.
    • Manages and communicates with related company counter parties, local tax authority representatives, auditors and other concerned parties in accomplishing bank, audit, tax, and other regulatory bodies’ requirements



    • CPA
    • Has at least 1 year experience in Advertising industry
    • Has at least 3 years experience in supervisory position

    Experience from an Auditing firm is a plus

  • Campaign Manager

    The Campaign Manager will plan, execute and measure compelling digital campaigns that address the needs of our multi-channel client base. Also responsible for the negotiation and placement of all media for existing clients and new business. Will be involved in media research and strategy alignment for the overall media plan. Digital media campaigns range from search, display, social media, mobile and web development executions.


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Manages digital campaigns ensuring that they meet Client objectives and excellent results
    • Provides strategic guidance to the Sales team on product usage, campaign setup, and performance expectations
    • Works with the Sales team in developing integrated marketing solutions that directly address the clients’ needs/wants
    • Liaises with the client on all aspects of their campaign to advise on and ensure successful delivery of all contractual components
    • Updates and monitors financial and billing details related to the campaign
    • Meets with media representatives and analyzes proposals and packages
    • Acts as liaison between media vendors and the agency
    • Determines the best use of multi-platform media mix including traditional, digital, and social media outlets to best meet clients’ goals and objectives
    • Knows and stays up-to-date on all available market and consumer information necessary for the preparation of the most effective and efficient media planning
    • Negotiates best rates, special time parameters, value-added sponsorships, and promotions
    • Understands rating estimates as well as digital performance metrics such as CTR and conversion rates
    • Ensures flawless campaign execution and effectiveness by setting up key indicators to measure success
    • Monitors campaign performance and provides sales and clients with upselling and optimization recommendations
    • Produces campaign analytics reports including case studies to demonstrate effectiveness and share learnings

    Keeps up to date with practices and standards in the digital marketing industry

  • Channel Strategist

    The Channel Strategist’s primary focus is planning for the strategic media and channel touchpoints best utilized to reach the target audiences for the client campaigns of AdSpark. Insights on channels and usage of the audience of these channels are expected of the channel strategists, too. He/she, alongside other relevant stakeholders, will spearhead the strategic direction of campaign briefs in terms of strategic approach, channel usage, media usage, and data storytelling.


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Effectively digest briefs from a paid media perspective, and correctly identify points of integration with either Creatives and/or Community Management
    • Create strategic proposals as aligned with clients’ briefs and objectives and correctly propose the best possible solutions
    • Ensure the proper valuation solutions as coordinated with either Products & Partnerships or Media Operations and integrate the possible KPIs in strategic proposals
    • Lead behavioral and media data insighting from a paid media perspective across various digital channels, platforms, and other possible sources of data to support strategies as well as other pertinent strategic planning requirements
    • Stay abreast of the latest innovations in media trends, behavior and usage that define digital and mobile as channels for advertising and apply best campaign executions to clients’ strategies
  • Audience Planner


    Weaving data, to understand the consumer’s story. You are among the thinkers of AdSpark. You bring rationality and research that’s grounded in data & insight. You comprehend consumer behavior from patterns, types, and trends that impacts a consumer’s choices and buying decisions. You aid in the creation of a digital snapshot of the consumer. It’s about understanding the context in which these behaviors happen and design moments of engagements and truths that influence diverse journeys of the different brands, clients and partners we will be working with

    You are an open-minded, critical thinker. You will be collaborating with your team to dive into the data, to refute, suggest, and evolve each other’s works in order to craft the most compelling and most coherent story that describes the consumers of today. You will be championing storytelling that would resonate with communities, abundant in actionable insights for our clients, and all rooted on data.


    Your Skills and Expertise.

    To set you up for success in this role from day one, AdSpark is looking for someone who will be marrying rationality with empathy.

    • You are Imaginative with Data. You collect data from any verifiable source, and use a mix of experience, logic, and empathy to decode the underlying story hidden in the data. You understand that consumers have varying circumstances, being a consumer yourself. You transition from being a single consumer, to being one who can understand the thoughts, passions, and actions of various consumers.
    • You Work Well with Others. You have excellent interpersonal skills. You remain open to others’ ideas while you iron out a clear creative vision.
    • You Step Forward. You are confident. You transition from simply assisting, to taking command. You do not settle where you are, but instead, search for learnings where available, and do not shy away from reasonable levels of responsibility.
    • Communication and Presentation Skills. You have outstanding communication (written and verbal) and presentation skills in order to pitch ideas to clients and partners and your team in comprehending what you’re talking about.




    • Coordinate with third party market research firms for the completion of surveys, FGDs, and interviews for the creation of client reports, and thought leadership pieces.
    • Coordinate with third party partners for updates and training sessions for AdSpark, as well as for coordinating necessary support needed for projects / reports at hand.



    • Translate clients’ and partners’ business objectives and brand strategies into effective, digital campaigns, by understanding how audiences are using online channels for their purposes.
    • Support our Client Success Partnership Teams’ in providing market insight, discipline knowledge and research analytics, and at times, present these findings to clients and partners in a simple way. The simpler, the better.
    • You have the ability to deal with a high degree of ambiguity, maintain composure, seek clarity, and negotiate solutions in challenging and stressful situations.



    • Research in depth on the Filipino consumer, including their interests and passions, their environment and how they adapt to it, and how all of these come together to affect their online behavior, and their purchasing tendencies
    • Look into how brands, and AdSpark itself, can capitalize on the trends unearthed in the research, to show the company’s position to lead in the field, through data-driven action
    • Collaborate in preparing and presenting a thorough report – the ThoughtSparkers – and follow up on the results with mini reports throughout the year



    • Create / update / improve audience profiles based on the different audience behaviors observed through research and through thought leadership pieces, using the Mayari segments as the baseline.

    Locate the focal points in the customers’ online activities that can serve as important marketing touchpoints that AdSpark and its clients can utilize

  • Analyst

    Key Responsibilities

    • Craft reports incorporating information (pertinent graphs and charts), insights, and recommendations for digestible consumption of campaign stakeholders (clients or internal members)
    • Regularly update internal trackers (e.g., Media Review Sheet)
    • Platform support and implementation for tools used in creating reports for Paid, Owned, and Earned media pillars.
    • Provide support to internal members on technical requirements including website and app audit and tag management and implementation. This involves driving the tag development process, supporting a tag management process, and expanding the tagging structure to provide accurate reporting.
    • Work with the campaign management and account management or client services teams to ensure that all imperative platform trackers are properly implemented, any new technologies being deployed are understood, and the integrity of the data being collected, campaign objectives, KPIs and reporting requirements are clearly aligned.


    Key Competencies and Skills

    • Knowledge and understanding of the following:
      • Social Media Listening
      • Digital Marketing
      • Various ad-tech/mar-tech, CRM, cloud & development platforms
      • Best analytics tools in the digital ad industry
      • Campaign optimization
      • Reporting and data analysis – platforms and reports
      • Defining key campaign metrics – CPA, CPI, ROI, CLV, ROAS
      • Website/app tracking and tag management
      • Data Visualization
    • Strong Mathematical and Problem Solving Skills
    • Strong Data Management and Analytical Skills
    • Proficiency with MS office applications, Google Marketing Platform, and digital dashboards
    • Strong Communication and Presentation Skills


    Key Performance Indicators

    • Proficiency in analytics tools: Knows how to access and read data from tools needed to provide quality reports
    • Intermediate Digital Knowledge: Familiar with paid, owned, and earned media metrics and KPIs; Understands the correlation of metrics resulting in good data analysis
    • Quality of insights and recommendations (based on owned, paid, and earned media understanding): Provides highlights, rich insights, and recommendations which clients can confidently refer to in making marketing decisions
    • Data accuracy: Maintains high level of data integrity in reports and trackers that are updated in a regular basis
    • Task Management: Works efficiently and manages workload without rendering extra number of hours (except for isolated situations ie. unforeseen events); Timely revert of deliverables, get back on adhoc requests & prompt management of data trackers
    • Technical Capabilities: Conducts error-free audit and provides quality technical support; Knows how to operate tag management tools, manage platform integrations, and understands the technical requirements of the brand/campaign



    • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: Marketing, Communication, Advertising, Computer Science, Statistics, Math, IT, or any related field
    • At least a year of experience in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and any of the following:
      • Social Media Listening (ie Radian6, Sysomos, Talkwalker)
      • Multiple Digital Media Channels
      • Digital Strategy / Performance Marketing
      • Web Analytics (ie Adobe Analytics, GA360)
      • App Analytics (ie Firebase, Appsflyer, Kochava)
      • Tag Management (ie Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM)
      • Data Management
  • Internship – Advertising and Marketing

    Responsible for supporting the business needs of Marketing, Creatives, Media Technology Management & Operations, Strategic Planning, Growth and Client Success Partnerships Business Units. The intern will be exposed to all aspects of campaigns including business development, sales pitches, brainstorms, campaign kick-offs and wrap-ups, reporting, and more. This internship position is a great way to get hands on experience doing dynamic, innovative digital marketing, strategizing on integrated media campaigns with our digital advertising team.


    The Advertising and Marketing Intern’s primary duties include but are not limited to:

    • Assist in producing creative content for social media postings
    • Assist with translating case studies and reflecting them on website
    • Coordinate and order materials necessary for marketing projects
    • Help carry-out plans for culture building
    • Collaborate and participate in brainstorming sessions to create innovative ideas for campaigns
    • Conduct competitive analysis
    • Assist in designing, developing, and producing advertisement materials
    • Graphic designs, layout, illustration, photo editing and contribute in planning editorial calendar
    • Possible event coverages
    • Assist in strategizing on media plans, constructing keyword architecture, and social listening
    • Research on industry scoping and trend cycles
    • Join and document discussions in internal meetings for pitches
    • Assist in creating end of campaign reports
    • Other projects as assigned



    • Undergraduate students majoring in Marketing, Advertising, Communication Arts
    • Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas; excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Extensive knowledge of Web and high-level understanding of social media platforms and how they can be engaged in various scenarios
    • Familiar with digital advertising and mobile marketing
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
    • Works well in a team environment
    • Excellent work ethic, flexible, motivated, organized, able to multitask
    • Passionate about brands, marketing, people, technology, and social media
    • Creative and Innovative