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WATTPAD: Brand Storytelling Fosters Affinity

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Millennials are the most sought after, yet one of the toughest demographic groups to crack. It doesn’t take a lot to get their attention; they actually don’t mind the ads as long as the platform they are using stays accessible and free. The challenge, however, lies on how we can actually create that connection and trust.

It would definitely help us to know what values this young generation holds dear. Among the top of the list are being acknowledged as individuals, being presented with options, and feeling connected. Millennials are more inclined to gravitate towards brand storytelling as opposed to upfront ads.  Branded content is fine by them, all that matters is that it resonates with them. This paves the way for connection to develop.

What does this mean for us marketers? We need to be right where they are, and craft campaigns that revolve around stories that reflect their values. One platform comes to mind and actually fit the bill when storytelling is involved.

Wattpad. Home to a community of millions upon millions of young readers and writers, this is a great avenue for brands to forge relationships. Choose from various executions that fit your brand and objectives.

Be Part of the Experience

Weave your brand into stories that have captivated the readers. Be part of the reading experience through formats that fit naturally into the user flow. Tailor-fit your communications and the medium to maximize audience reception.  


Associate your brand with relevant genres and selected stories that reflect your own brand’s values. Leveraging on this can help bolster awareness and affinity. Have your own profile and curate your own reading list. This is actually mutually beneficial for the brand and the community as it promotes the authors’ works and generates brand visibility at the same time.

Create The Experience

Since we are already in a storytelling platform, it actually makes great sense to churn out stories of your own. Stories that revolve around your values, customer anecdotes or anything that can captivate readers’ minds and cultivate brand affinity. Tap Wattpad authors you identify with and commision them to craft narratives according to your objectives.


Immersing audiences in well-written and purposive works of fiction has been proven to give significant brand lift. Take this example of FWD Philippines where they took to Wattpad to further their advocacy of spreading financial literacy in the country, especially among the youth. Piso Tales came into being and the results were no less than astonishing.


The time is ripe for brands to dive into this expansive community of highly engaged Millennials. Create an immersive world for your brand’s followers and don’t be surprised if you win a whole more hearts as you go along.


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AdSpark Team

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