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Why We Click on Celebrity Couples

AdSpark Team - 4 years ago

THE NEW ROMANTICS: Why celebrity couples click, and why we keep on clicking content about them 


Every generation has one: from Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr., to John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.


Now, they’re more prolific, they’re attainable, they’re everywhere, and they’re just like us — the 2010s have ushered in a new breed of the love team.


This Valentine’s season, we used AdSpark Intelligence to take a closer look at celebrity love teams. After all, they are brands in their own right: we read about them, we talk about them, we choose which ones to support. And the more we learned about these power couples, the more we also learned about how lovestruck we are as a people.


Enjoy this Valentine’s day gift from AdSpark!



Yes, we love their movies and we love their songs; in fact, we love them so much, we’ll do anything to get them to trend online, going as far as shunning people outside of the fandom.



But you know what we really, truly love about love teams?


Based on the online habits of their fans and followers, it appears we love hearing about their personal lives and thoughts: whether they’re calling out entertainment writers for spreading gossip, dressing up in coordinated Halloween costumes, we like it when they’re just like us.



In fact, while most love team members have at least 6 digits of followers in any social media platform, many of those come from Instagram, which happens to be where they post a mix of their ongoing projects / endorsements, and, you guessed it, their personal lives.



And if you look at which love teams dominate online conversations, AdSpark Intelligence found that the love teams posting the most engaging and conversational content on their social media just so happen to have the loudest fans:



More and more, audiences seem to be demanding authenticity from brands — and love teams are no exception. After all, there’s nothing more nakakakilig than real people finding true love.


Trends come and go, but love teams are here to stay. Using AdSpark Intelligence, we explored the different ways in which we follow our favorite tambalans, and answered questions like:

  • Is it just onscreen chemistry, or something else?
  • Have love teams changed throughout the years?
  • Should we be worried about rabid fans?
  • Are we entering the age of solo careers?

Curious? Download the full The New Romantics report now.

AdSpark Team

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