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What’s New with AdSpark This 2019?

AdSpark Team - 4 years ago

In 2007, AdSpark only occupied a small space in the Globe office, and was still known as Globe’s Mobile Advertising (M-Ads) Group. At the time, the main product offering was SMS marketing to Globe’s customer database; even then, the agency had already positioned itself right at the intersection of advertising and technology.


This was the vision that we had carried with ourselves when we officially spun off from Globe in 2016. Three years later, we’re still hard at work, looking for more ways that we can help clients serve the right ads to the right audience.


With all the lessons we’ve learned running campaigns last 2018, we’re ready to deliver more advertising innovations to our valued clients. Here’s a taste of things to come for the rest of the coming months.


AdSpark Intelligence: How well do you know your audience?


One of the biggest things we’re bringing to our clients this year is an audience-first approach to advertising. To pull that off, you first need to know your audience.


But we’re not just talking about doing social listening — that train has come and gone 2 years ago. Since then, we’ve been working on and expanding our data intelligence capabilities in order to look beyond what consumers say.


The final product, AdSpark Intelligence, combines social listening data with online content consumption data, creating a more holistic understanding of online audiences and answering brands’ need for agility in insighting, ideation, and implementation.


How truly agile is AdSpark Intelligence? We’ve analyzed online activity during the Miss Universe 2018 pageant in real time and were able to predict with 80% accuracy the Top 5 finalists. And that’s not all — click here to find out more about AdSpark Intelligence’s capabilities.



But intelligence isn’t enough. Effective advertising requires technology.


AdSuite: Say goodbye to “spray and pray” advertising


Truth be told, the advertising landscape is already oversaturated — ads everywhere you look, both online and offline. In fact, 4.5 out of 5 Filipinos said that they see more ads in more places nowadays, but only half of them actually claim online ad recall.


Our answer? Advertising that is not just limited to the usual social media, search, and video ads — AdSuite combines AdSpark’s unique media capabilities to give brands a cross-channel, cross-device solution that is as ubiquitous as it is precise. AdSuite serves the right content to the right consumer in the right context.


The right content. AdSuite covers a wide variety of creative formats ranging from the reliable static and video ads, to interactive rich media ads, generating more highly-involved audiences.


The right consumer. When brands think of digital advertising, they usually think of targeted advertising. For many advertisers, that means demographics (gender, age, and SEC) or interests based on followed pages. With AdSuite, we’ve expanded our targeting capabilities by triangulating location data and online behavior to create new psychographic consumer segments.



The right context. Even the most effective ads served to the most relevant audiences won’t get results when it’s served on the wrong platforms or websites. AdSuite circumvents this problem by providing only the best and the most reliable ad inventory for brands.


Firstly, we’ve partnered with Outbrain to provide native ads on premium content sites such as CNN, ensuring that you serve your ads to engaged audiences. Secondly, AdSuite includes brand safety measures that prevent ad fraud and minimize ad wastage.


And that’s just the tip of the AdSuite iceberg. If you want to learn more about its capabilities and coverage, click here.


And more to come


We can’t claim to put the audience first without providing solutions that encapsulate their entire digital lives. And as we all know, there’s more to digital than browsing websites and using apps.


Which is why we’re developing products both old and new that will give them the 360-degree digital advertising experience from their inboxes, from the mall, from their favorite mobile games, and more. Watch this space as we trickle in our new solutions.


Sold on our solutions? Contact us through our website or through email and one of our experts will reach out to you to help you develop a solution that is customized to your brand’s needs.





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