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Know what your consumers say and do online.

A unique digital synergy of agility in Insighting, Ideation, and Implementation through media, AdSpark Intelligence uses both conversation and consumption data to paint a complete picture of your audience.

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Get a 360° view of the digital landscape and where your brand fits.

Find out who your consumers are, and tailor-fit your messages and media buying to their digital attitudes and behaviors.

Leverage on qualities that are unique to your brand.

Gain insights on the attributes associated with brands in your product category, and strengthen your share-of-voice in spaces that matter.

Understand what consumers are saying about your new product.

Track interest in your category after launching new products, and pinpoint unoccupied spaces that your audiences are clamoring for.

Identify the influencers that best fit your brand’s messaging.

Find celebrities and social media personalities who can best embody your brand and generate buzz for your products.

Gather live insights during brand activations.

Watch the conversations and consumption surrounding your activation, and generate on-the-spot creatives that respond to your event as it happens.

Nip social media crises in the bud.

Monitor positive, negative, and neutral opinions on your brand and respond to growing negative sentiment before it escalates.