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E-Commerce Campaign Practices That Wowed Us

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

In a digital age where life seems to be in fast-forward, the majority of us opt for the most convenient means of doing things. We tend to depend largely on our smartphones and expect to do as much as we can through our fingertips. A very good example would be online shopping; as a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 consumers use a smartphone to shop.

The Philippines is home to a sizeable young population and is positioned to dominate online retail activity in the coming years. Studies show that e-commerce in the country is expected to hit PHP 59.7 billion this year with an estimate of 30.3 million customers from the Philippines. Needless to say, e-commerce is a booming industry that offers a huge opportunity for all businesses.

So, how do you make sure your brand gets noticed? How should you market your brand to your target audience and against your competitors?

Let’s take a look at some of the best e-commerce campaign practices and learn a thing or two from them.


Zalora, an e-commerce giant worth about US$3 billion, is rapidly becoming the No. 1 online fashion destination in Southeast Asia. Apart from offering a wide selection of local and international brands, Zalora has been recognized for its customer-centric approach and excellent remarketing campaigns.

Below are executions of how the brand almost never let goes of their customers.


The brand gives their web visitors a warm welcome by offering them a near irresistible present. It doesn’t just please the customers but also benefits the site as it can significantly lessen the bounce rate. Giving your web visitors a voucher encourages them to shop more.



Zalora knows how to build anticipation by letting customers know the status of their purchases. Don’t you just love it when you don’t have to manually track your orders?


Not only do they have email reminders under their belt, Zalora reaches out to customers through Facebook and display advertising. The ads are hyper-targeted to those who have shown interest in a product but haven’t made the purchase.


And when you have their app, Zalora makes sure you won’t miss any sale or promo as they regularly send push notifications your way.

There are plenty of reasons why a customer didn’t check out their cart. Perhaps there was a site timeout, the process was too complicated, or maybe they were too busy multi-tasking that they forgot to check out. Reminding your customers of items they have liked has a high chance of conversion. Do it.

For more information on converting your customers, check out Driving Conversion Through Effective Retargeting.



Lazada, a pioneering e-commerce site worth US$700 million, is labeled as the counterpart of Alibaba and Amazon in Southeast Asia. It sells a variety of products from clothes to gadgets and appliances.

Let’s take a look at how a huge one-stop shopping destination markets its highly-anticipated annual event,  Lazada Online Revolution: Biggest Online Sale of the Year.


Lazada sends an email blast to its subscribers reminding them of the upcoming sale event. The emailer features some of the best-sellers at a discount.



Lazada takes advantage of its 18M+ followers and creates an event page to call attention to the annual sale.




It also hypes the event by regularly posting announcements, promos, and countdown materials to make followers even more excited.


(Image Retrieved from http://bit.ly/2imHmW)


(Image Retrieved from http://bit.ly/2ip6b3A)


(Image Retrieved from http://bit.ly/2l0cHyF)

Aside from being actively shared on social media, the grand sale event is also featured on a handful of websites.



On top of their advertising efforts, Lazada ensures customer service is always excellent. It never misses a chance to update customers on the status of their purchases via SMS. This exceptional service guarantees promptness of product delivery. To make things even better, Lazada allows a 7-day return policy — a feature customers appreciate.

Social media marketing will and always be an integral part of your brand marketing. Create content that will excite your followers and also drive them to your site. Pair this with an outstanding customer service and you are on your way to customer acquisition and retention.


Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is a brand providing luxurious clip-in hair extensions offered at a competitive price. It was awarded as part of the “Top 10 Shopify Store” from 2011 to 2012.

The well-known international hair extension brand recognized early on how videos are dominating the content world and created a YouTube account to post videos with valuable content.


When everybody in the industry was busy purchasing traffic in order to make sales, Luxy Hair was trying a different approach. Taking the “content-is-king” way, the company uploaded instructional videos that users could easily relate to and seek help from. With these videos, Luxy Hair managed to attract precisely the right market: people who would be highly interested in their products.


The brand also has a blog on its e-commerce site that features self-help articles, making Luxy Hair a reliable source for anything hair-related.


Similar to other huge and successful e-commerce brands, Luxy Hair re-targets those who have abandoned their carts. The brand understands that a lot of customers may not have fully intended to leave without checking out. Reminding them can go a long way.


Other than doing hyper-targeted ads, give your target customers more reasons to go to your page. Be an industry thought leader and aspire to be the top of mind brand through your content.


To learn more about content planning, we suggest you check Firm Up your Content Plan for the Year. Aiming to step up your content game? We highly recommend  Maximizing Your Content Through Lead Magnet.


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