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Product Spotlight: GoWifi

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

The internet is an integral part of our lives today. Staying connected has become a fundamental need that availability of WIFI connection anytime, and anywhere has signified progress and advancement of an establishment, town, a city, or a country. Some cities around the world have become known to have made free WIFI connection available across multiple locations. These include Tel Aviv in Israel, Barcelona, Helsinki, Florence, Luxembourg in Europe and Taipei and Seoul in Asia. Citizens and visitors are all able to access the internet, hassle-free in popular tourist areas, beaches, parks, and transportation hubs.

In the Philippines, there are 54,000,000 internet users daily and majority of data consumption occurs in fixed locations. 86% of mobile data consumption in the Philippines are connected through WIFI. This clearly shows that the potential reach directly to a consumers hand via ad placements on a free and paid WIFI service is huge.

With this in mind, the past years have seen Globe Telecom shift its focus from its core telco capabilities such as SMS/ calls to super charging the deployment of its mobile data connectivity services. .

GoWifi, powered by Globe Telecom is a fast, and reliable broadband access being progressively rolled out to thousands of key urban and provincial locations. Currently, the service is or soon will be available in most major malls, transport hubs and commercial establishments all around the country.

In order to maximize the opportunity of this service, AdSpark has made it possible for advertisers to brand a free WIFI Service and integrate advertisements into the GoWifi experience. Currently, ad inventory is available for all NAIA Terminals and Boracay stations as well as many other locations. Consumers can log in for a 30-minute (or longer) session of unlimited usage. The session can then be renewed upon viewing of ads insertions.

GoWifi allows users to stay connected at all times, in a multitude of locations, while decreasing data consumption of personal mobile plans. The areas powered by GoWifi will grow exponentially in 2017 and beyond.

The GoWifi experience is benefiting data hungry consumers with users ranging from Yuppies, Travelers, and Businessmen. Through associating yourself with this service, brands can reach out to their target markets and empower their existing and potential consumers with fast and reliable internet access when and where they need it most.

Learn how to increase your reach with GoWifi, email us at newslettter@adspark.ph or click here.


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