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Product Spotlight: Voice Ads

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Mobile phones are a steady staple of the modern Filipino’s life, and it’s no secret that every advertiser out there aims to capitalize on this phenomenon. With a myriad of mobile advertising solutions out there, how do you make your message stand out?

Launching Profiled Voice Ads by AdSpark

Voice Ads empower your brand to directly speak to your customer. The unique aspect of voice advertising via mobile is that the focus is directly on the call that has been accepted. This poses an interesting question, how do you get your audience to listen to your ad? Through our experience at AdSpark, rewarding your customer solves this gap and keeps your customer engaged and excited with the experience. The reward plus the voice ad call equals a strong brand recall for your audience.

Execution of voice advertising can work 2 ways: Push or Pull.

Push is the simplest and the most straightforward approach. In this method, your brand can call your audience directly followed by a supplementary SMS which can communicate the reward for taking the call.

PUSH Method

Pull works differently. The customer receives a prompt for the automated voice message via a hyper targeted SMS with a call to action to call the dial code. This allows your brand to include location and demographics for a more targeted audience.

PULL Method

Learn more about you can use Voice Ads to engage your audience. For inquiries, email us at newsletter@adspark.ph

AdSpark Team

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