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GOOD READS #4: Improve, innovate, and excel

AdSpark Team - 4 years ago

“Finished, not perfect” is the mantra for many creators, but just because something’s (imperfectly) finished doesn’t mean you can’t make it perfect. Here are a few examples of how some continue to hone their products and services to create the perfect output.



10 things you didn’t realize were built in the 1990s


From colorful windbreakers, to superhero movies set 20 years ago (hello, Captain Marvel!), ’90s nostalgia is all the rage nowadays. However, rose-tinted glasses tend to color our perception of the decade that many of us grew up in; here’s a few things that were built in the ’90s that you might have forgotten — or would rather forget.



Kids’ brains may hold the secret to building better AI


Many (including us) have heralded artificial intelligence as the next big thing; but researching and developing AI — a task that has been ongoing as far back as the ’50s — is not without its challenges. To help them, the United States DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) looks into the neuropsychology of children’s brains.



As OTT advertising explodes, agencies race to build teams to navigate the space


Since 2007 — when Netflix first offered what would eventually be its current streaming model — over-the-top (OTT) media services have changed the way we consume content. This year alone, the OTT market is expected to double in almost every aspect; it was only a matter of time until advertising would catch up. Here’s how agencies are making sure they make the cut.



The Philippines’ Summit Media achieves 7X ROAS for airline advertiser through premium content and travel audience insights


Summit Media houses dedicated websites for all readers on all verticals — or so they thought. When approached by advertisers who wanted to target travel enthusiasts, the company realized travel-related content was a publication they haven’t developed. The challenge: How do you craft personalized ads to prompt engagement from the travel-hungry audience segment?


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