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How AI Is Changing The Way We Live

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Who gets excited when hearing “AI?” Don’t you get a little giddy and think of the past AI films like the good old “Terminator”, it’s so good it’s creepy “Ex-Machina,” everyone’s feel good superhero + high-tech movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and the most sentient of them all, “Her.” These films may not be realistic when it was shown, but I think soon it will be. I have always believed that science fiction movies will soon become part of our everyday lives. This then explains my excitement to be writing about AI as it seems like I’m giving a virtual high five to the visionary in me.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans, according to Technopedia. AI is also categorized into two types: Strong and Weak AI.

The fundamentals behind Strong AI is that machines can be taught to act as if they are humans. Machines with strong AI can think and reason out, be sentient and feel emotions, and act naturally like human beings. They basically can represent people in the future.

The technology industry is still at the infancy of strong AI which tells us that having human-like machines is quite a trip to the moon. Best example though for this breakthrough is the film “Ex Machina.” Ava, a robot simulated to look, talk, and feel like a human eventually tricked the leading man to believing she is a woman with real emotions.

Weak AI, on the other hand, are machines that can act as if they are intelligent. Truthfully, these machines have been programmed to act a certain dictated way. Best example is when you play video games against the computer. You may feel the computer has impressive moves but the machine doesn’t really think, it only executes the given code.

Currently, we experience weak AI or as others call “narrow intelligence” in our daily lives.


Virtual Assistants

Voice-activated technology has been rapidly growing that we go unaware of how our virtual assistants use AI to serve us. Aside from being able to give witty responses, Siri, Alexa and Cortana are learning from its users making them more efficient as we use them.

Tell them more about you and soon enough they’ll be giving you reminders and suggestions.

To learn more about voice-technology, visit The Growing Potential of Voice Search.



Have you noticed how Facebook has been customizing your feed? Ever got amazed the first time it automatically tagged your friends? Have you also noticed how Facebook instantly sends an event reminder whenever you send a date and time in messenger? Cool, right? It makes everything so fast and convenient!

Facebook uses AI to continually improve user experience. It continually develops technology that offers convenience and superb customer service.

The largest social media network is a machine-learning platform slowly creeping AI into our lives. With Facebook’s founder being the biggest AI fan, we won’t be surprised if the platform launches its own “Jarvis.”



Capitalizing on anonymized location data from smartphones, Waze may just have been one of the most functional apps we have ever have! You can travel anywhere worry-free as long as you have this exceptionally complex and crowd-sourced AI. It doesn’t only give you its GPS services but remembers where you work, live and frequently visit for your future use. The app also learns traffic and accident reports which then recommends you the best route.

Sounds smart? Absolutely. Creepy? Definitely. But we still use it, don’t we?


Apart from these 3 machine-learning platforms and apps, there are more ways AI has been present in our lives. Check out how Netflix auto-suggests shows to watch. It learns from your online behavior and recommends what it thinks is best for you. E-commerce sites have been adapting this technology as well.

What are other ways AI have been part of your life? Share your thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you.



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