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RUSH : Powering Businesses Through Custom-Branded Loyalty Apps

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Businesses should aim to be at the top of their game and a step ahead of their competition.  To help ensure optimal returns for every business, customer loyalty is key. It’s important not only to grow your customer base but also to keep existing customers happy. One way to keep your customers coming back is by rewarding them for every visit or purchase.

When we think of rewards, loyalty programs come into mind. Recent studies show that loyalty programs often cater to huge enterprises due to the cost and complexity of the development and operational requirements.  However, this does not mean that loyalty programs are exclusive to big enterprises. Digital innovations have paved the way for more cost-efficient solutions for businesses of any scale.

Introducing RUSH, the loyalty platform that empowers businesses to create their own custom-branded loyalty app in just a few simple steps. RUSH offers the benefits of a lower set-up fee and a shorter development time as opposed to developing a loyalty app from scratch. Brands can easily reward loyal customers and encourage repeat visits and purchases by setting up their branded loyalty app powered by RUSH.

Reward customers for transactions through points or branded merchandise, multiply reward points, and enable them to refer new customers. RUSH also generates real-time analytics that can help you improve overall customer value. You can send in app notifications or SMS blasts to your database anytime you want.  Evidently, RUSH enables brands to engage with their customers in more ways than one!

Here’s an overview of RUSH as a loyalty program that could be customized to your brand.

Get powered by RUSH today and try its free 30-day trial ! http://bit.ly/RUSH-DemoFB. For inquiries, please send us a message at newsletter@adspark.ph


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