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Product Spotlight: Wootag (Effective Interactive Video Advertising Tool )

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Thanks to the rapid uptake of smartphones plus the ever improving internet connectivity, Filipinos have fallen in love with their mobile devices. Spending a staggering 12 hours online every day, it comes as no surprise that most of their day-to-day activities involve their phones.

One particular entertainment activity has seen significant increase over the past few years, video consumption. And of course where the eyeballs are, the brands will follow.  However, this has proven to be quite tricky from both advertiser and consumer standpoint. Brands face the issue of performance while the audience has not been happy with ads intruding on their viewing experience.

A middle ground has to be sought and the solution is now within reach. The video advertising landscape is about to change for the better, thanks to Wootag.

Wootag allows for well thought-out interactive brand video ad experiences integrated into ANY of your brand’s video content on any device

AdSpark Team

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