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GOOD READS #5: Man vs. Machine

AdSpark Team - 5 years ago

In 1982, director Ridley Scott pondered the humanity of machines in dystopian 2019 in his critically-acclaimed film Blade Runner. Now that we’re 3 months into 2019, how well does real life match up with sci-fi?



The Internet knows you better than your spouse does


What does the internet know about you? Naturally, it knows your general demographics. But it also probably knows your interests based on the pages you visit and the ads you click. Sometimes, it even knows the places you frequent. But some scientists believe it might know you well enough to psychologically profile you.



Will digital advertising ever be truly relevant?


Psychologically profiling based on internet behavior and consumption only works after thoroughly processing a large pool of data. Not so with Facebook, where every single like automatically adds another notch in your ad preferences. Nigel Hollis tells us why Facebook needs to do away with literally interpreting every action online.



How biometrics are changing the way brands design websites


Brands often rely on focus groups and product tests when designing products, packaging, or even websites; however, these methods rely heavily on self-reporting. But some cultures like those in Asia generally prefer to speak in vague, indirect statements in lieu of negative feedback. Biometrics is about to change all that.



Take pictures of fake pizzas to get a free pizza from Domino’s


In the race to provide the best and the newest customer experience, many brands turn to technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence. But as we all know, there are many things real people can do better than AI, and on the top of that list right now is distinguishing a real pizza from a computer-generated one. Bon appetit!


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