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SEO Tools Every Marketer Needs

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Digital marketers today can run a successful campaign even with a limited budget thanks to search engine optimization. Done right, SEO can help you reach a wider audience through search engines like Google.



In this article, we will help you get started with your SEO strategy by listing some powerful tools that every budding SEO marketer must have at their disposal.


1. Google Keyword Planner


SEO experts are big believers in optimizing your website search results through choosing the right search terms to include in your content. When it comes to planning which keywords to use, Google Keyword Planner is your best friend. It enables you to know which keywords are highly searched for.



Knowing what things your target customers are searching for can give you an edge in positioning your content by choosing relevant keywords. Google Keyword Planner shows you the relevance of each popular keyword and how they are performing relative to the number of searches. And to top it all off, this tool is free for anyone with a Google Ads account.


2. Google Trends


When it comes to search, you need to be able to ride the wave of popular search terms when they’re at their most relevant. Think about using “Santa Claus” as a keyword phrase. Using Jolly Old Saint Nicholas’ name early in the year won’t yield better results as compared to using it during the -ber months, when people all around the world are anticipating Christmas.


Google Trends help you capitalize on popular keyword searches to use as a springboard for better search results. It breaks down the number of searches per keyword in a given period, helping you get a better understanding of the popularity of your selected keywords over time.


More importantly, you can also segregate the result per geographic location, so you can see which places the keywords you’re using are still being heavily searched.



For example, if you’re a seller of winter wear, you might be wondering why keywords like “jacket” or “coat” are still being frequently searched during typically warmer months like May. A quick look at Google Trends tells us that these searches may be coming from Australia, where winter arrives as early as June.


You can also plan the next set of search terms you should use based on the statistics that show which ones that are gaining traction among your customers. So if you’re a furniture retailer based in the Philippines, you might want to take advantage of the country’s sudden interest in IKEA.



3. SEMRush


Knowing the popular search terms is not enough when it comes to SEO; you also need to find out if these are indeed working for your website. SEMRush helps you analyze which keywords are helping you hit the right spots and which are not.



This tool lets you dive in at a granular level and see which specific keywords are delivering higher conversion rates. This way, you can double down on what works and cut off the ones that don’t. What’s more, it lets you efficiently analyze the keywords for multiple websites quickly. This is crucial if you are managing more than 2 websites because it easily lets you choose the right set of keywords for each website.


As if these aren’t enough, SEMRush also doubles as a backlink checker that lets you conduct backlink audits to make sure the backlinks pointing back to your website are helping you increase your online visibility. Backlinks are websites that “link” or direct the users to your website for relevant content; having high quality backlinks increase the authority of your website, and consequently, increase the probability of your website getting a higher ranking.


4. DeepCrawl


While a bit more technical than most in this list, DeepCrawl is a powerful tool that helps your website perform better in search. It assesses your website to check for any issues that are preventing you from getting to the top of search results.



It lets you see broken links, non-indexable pages, and other key factors that affect your search result performance. With this tool, you can easily fix any issues your website has and start getting higher scores in the results page.


Search engine optimization continues to be a major player in helping marketers connect with their target audience. With the tools mentioned above, you are off to a great start in your SEO campaign.


Don’t know how to start using search for your business? Drop us a line at https://adspark.ph/contact-us/ and let our SEO experts help you.





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