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Driving On-The-Spot Conversions with Wi-Fi Ads

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

With 3 of the world’s largest malls located in the Philippines, it’s no wonder our country has been dubbed Asia’s shopping mall capital. And with each mall seeing a potential foot traffic of up to 350 million per year, they are an advertiser’s dream come true. But how do we turn this foot traffic into actual conversions?


The answer lies in the mallgoers’ pockets — not their wallets; their smartphones. 88% of mall operators place high priority on providing free Wi-Fi in order to provide a better shopping experience for their customers, but unbeknownst to many, it can also be used by individual brands to reach out to and get to know their target market.


How it works


With AdWiFi, your brand can be seen by as much as 350,000 people per day, in any Ayala Mall nationwide.


Whenever a customer connects to an Ayala Mall Wi-Fi SSID, they are presented with up to 4 deals from different brands, which will give them 15 minutes to 1 hour of free Wi-Fi. Depending on their selected offer, mallgoers are either served ads, a survey, or an SMS promotion.



The best part is that AdWiFi does this with the explicit consent of the mallgoer. After tapping on the offer of their choice, AdWiFi notifies the consumer how much data they can use, for how long, and what kind of ad they’re about to be served.



Promote your brand


AdWiFi allows brands to serve ads to their users. These ads can come in the form of static images (up to 300KB in size) or 10 – 30 second videos.


Viewability impressions won’t be a concern as visitors can only proceed with their internet browsing experience after static image ads have been served for 5 seconds, or after video ads have been played from beginning to end, ensuring that digital advertising KPIs are met.




Collect customer feedback


AdWiFi also provides brands with an easy and inexpensive way to keep their finger on the pulse of the everyday mallgoer, by asking them to answer a survey before proceeding with their browsing.



These surveys can be as short or as long as you need them to be — perfect for getting customer feedback, or even for scoping out the mallgoer demographic.


Drive foot traffic to your store


Now that you’ve increased brand awareness and gathered consumer insights with AdWiFi, how do you get them to go to your physical store right then and there to convert?


Instead of serving ads or surveys, you can instead opt to send 160-character SMS promotions to mallgoers. You can craft these SMS promotions to include clear call-to-actions to drive last-minute impulse decisions; after all, they’re already inside a mall, and your physical store is probably just a few steps away from them — why not seal the deal?



Malls can be an overpopulated space for advertisers, with stores and physical advertisements everywhere you look. With AdWiFi, you can make sure that eyes are on your brand, and on your brand alone. Want to learn more? Drop us a line at https://adspark.ph/contact-us/ and we’ll get you started.




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