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Product Spotlight: Tracx (Deep Listening Tool for Smarter Campaigns)

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Social media has seen tremendous growth with millions of users creating accounts in various platforms every day. Facebook alone has recently hit the 2 billion monthly user mark, the most ever for any social media platform created.

Given the sheer number of people on it, social media is teeming with valuable customer information, authentic conversations, and insights. Brands, agencies, and marketing intelligence firms alike have continuously tried to dig deep into this phenomenon and maximize it for what it’s really worth.

Social listening has since been a part of every brand’s intelligence gathering before mounting a major campaign. However, existing services somewhat lack the capability that captures the entire picture. One that connects customer sentiments across brand communication efforts on social, brand websites, and paid media.  

Tracx, a social deep listening solution, was developed to address the need to tie everything in for a holistic view paving the way for smarter and more informed decisions.


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AdSpark Team

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