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How FWD Life Philippines Won Over The Millennial Market: Orange World Mobile App Case Study

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Engaging the millennials is the name of the game for most of the today’s businesses. The challenge differs as each brand has its own unique customer perception to build, manage, and nurture. But it can even be more difficult for some industries, life insurance to be specific.

Insurance companies have to deal with negative perceptions on their industry that have been around for quite some time. On top of that, the lack of constant interaction between insurance brands and consumers has been a challenge. Insurance has always been very transactional by nature, from policy purchase to the claim payouts, touch points between the insurer and the client tend to be far and few in between.

One brand took a unique approach to addressing these challenges, FWD Life Philippines. FWD aims at energizing the industry with technology-driven products in creating fresh customer experiences. The vision is to empower Filipino consumers and change the way they feel about insurance.

Creating meaningful and continuous relationships while staying attuned to their customers’ lifestyles and passions has become the number one goal.

Knowing Your Audience ALWAYS Counts

Passion underlies everything Filipinos have grown accustomed to in the digital age. The way they interact with the world around them has been shaped by the ever-changing digital landscape. They want to do things their way and they want it now.

Unsurprisingly, mobile has become ingrained into the Filipino millennial’s day-to-day living. It has become their constant companion in pursuing life’s adventures; searching for awesome surfing destinations or the latest food parks.


Be Where They Are

Leveraging the power of digital marketing is not just about applying technology for your audience’s use. It’s about reinventing the way you get your message across—and the culture within it—to drive innovation, to drive loyalty, and to drive passion into today’s generation.

FWD wanted to build an online community to further amplify and empower as they encourage them to live passionate lives. Introducing a new world of opportunities that one can enter with just a few clicks. More so, to provide a go-to guide for those passion-driven consumers as they explore and embrace life’s adventures.


The Orange World App

With the help of AdSpark, FWD Life Philippines launched an industry innovation for today’s tech-savvy and passion-driven consumers – the Orange World mobile app (now known as FWD Max available on iOS and Android). The app’s overall experience was carefully designed to cater to the 8-second attention span of today’s generation with content that would entice them to come back.

Engaging the app allows the user to do two things, learn and fulfill. Through relevant well-written articles, the audience learns more about what excites them and at the same time discover other interesting activities they can try. On the other hand, they are also given the opportunity to fulfill their passions via exciting offers and promos that they can avail through partner establishments and merchants.

It aims to be the go-to source for the four facets of life that Filipinos are most passionate about: travel, fitness, food, and the arts. The beauty of it is how it is able to translate mobile experiences into memorable real-life experiences, redefining the conventional brand loyalty programs.

Orange World users can earn “passion points” in the app by simply logging in, reading, sharing, or liking content. They can redeem these “passion points” from various brands and avail of their exclusive offerings.

The app allows FWD to stay attuned to the market’s passion points, therefore staying relevant and ultimately pave the way to changing the way people feel about insurance. The Orange World App is designed to help millennials understand that having a secure future does not exclude the pursuit of their passions; that it is not impossible for security and passion to go hand in hand.


How Did It Fare?

Milestones were set for the Orange World app. So how did the campaign do? Watch this.


Capturing Accolades

Orange World App has gained the admiration of several award-giving institutions. The program bagged several awards namely Brand-Single Medium-Digital and Mobile from PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2017 and Award of Merit for Digital Communications 2017 Philippine Quill Awards. It was also one of the finalist at the 2017 Boomerang Awards under the category Effectiveness/ Sentiment Improvement .

We really enjoyed working with FWD on this App. Develop your own app too, we can help you out. Click here to know more.

AdSpark Team

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