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Virtual Reality In Our Hands

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Remember how AI movies from the early 90’s used to amaze us? How bizarre it was for us to see virtual reality (VR) in everyone’s day-to-day lives? Have you also realized that that future in those movies is already here? With the constant technology disruptions, we’re only left guessing what’s next.  

In this so-called smartphone era, we do everything with our smartphones. Multitasking is much easier with voice-activated technology and with apps that can complement our regular needs. People and their mobile phones seem to be inseparable nowadays. This tiny piece of technology is so compact yet offers almost everything we can possibly need from a gadget.

In fact, our smartphones offer more than what we need. Say hello to the future of virtual reality.

Virtual reality used to be correlated with expensive VR headsets, thus turning off prospective buyers. But with today’s smartphones, who needs costly gears when all the technology you need is in your device? Remember when Google released the Cardboard? It had the simplest and low-cost components yet was good enough to utilize smartphones as both screen and processor.

Here are 2 major reasons why we think smartphones is the future of VR.

1. Everyone has a smartphone

Rather, more than half of the world has a smartphone and this is projected to dramatically increase over the years to come.  It just makes sense that VR companies take advantage of smartphones’ strong presence and make it easy for its target consumers to binge on VR.

2. Industry Support

When the industry has accepted and fully adapted to a new technology, they make it easier for the target market to consume the new product. Products will emerge and product marketing will be everywhere. With the most recent smartphone models, VR will be easier than ever through apps. Sooner or later, phone companies may be giving away free VR gears for every smartphone purchase. Yup, it may soon be a default phone accessory.

So next time you take a look at your smartphone, know that it might be smarter than you think.


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AdSpark Team

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