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Unlock Branding Opportunities (Literally!)

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

You have to admit, advertising in the digital era has opened a lot of avenues for exposure but at the same time has gotten quite tricky; most especially on mobile. As we all know (and experience), consumers are constantly bombarded by brand messages vying for their precious attention on every screen they interact with. Often at the cost of disrupting day-to-day tasks leading to disgruntled customers.


Pop-up ads, audio ads in between tracks, unskippable video ads, screen take-over, etc., we’ll name it and we are certain that you have encountered most, if not all of these ad types. These days, if you want an ad-free experience, you’d have to pay a premium.   


But that may not necessarily be the case when customer experience is taken into account. When advertising is made part of the natural experience flow, we get to avoid being intrusive and users find it as a part of whole experience.


Take Advantage of Minute Habits   


Looking closely at user mobile habits help us find advertising opportunities that we would otherwise miss. So what do mobile users routinely do that we can turn into chances for brand exposure? We came across one habit that is so common but until recently has been under the radar in terms of advertising; unlocking phones. Yes, the very innocent act of unlocking your mobile phone. Studies actually show that an average person unlocks his phone at least 150 times a day.    


Thus, Lock Screen Ads is born. Every moment that a user unlocks his phone, relevant ads are served on the locked screen. Unlocking the phone gives the user the power to engage or dismiss the ads as easily as swiping left or right. Exposure is guaranteed without disrupting the user experience. Nice.


Make Every Engagement Rewarding


But what if we incentivize the user for everytime he engages the ad? We see this in games where ads are voluntarily viewed by the gamers because they get in-game currencies, stamina or other prizes for engaging the ad.


Lock Screen Ads actually does the same. Rewarding the users everytime they interact with the ad. Making the simple act of unlocking your phone a chance to win exciting rewards every time.  

Watch this to learn more:



Who would have thought that unlocking your phone can be this exciting. Click here to read more on Lock Screen Ads. Let us know how we can help you, just send us an email at newsletter@adspark.com and we’ll be happy to meet with you.



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