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What Makes a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Did you know that there are around 269 billion emails sent each day? With that much emails sent, how do you make sure you effectively get your message across to your customers?


An email marketing campaign is an email sent from a business to one or several customers or prospects. If an email marketing campaign is successful, it will move the recipients to take action, engage with your business, and even help get you more leads and eventually, sales.


Why does email marketing work? It’s because people still use email widely with 90% of adults and 74% of teens checking and using their emails regularly.



Needless to say, email marketing the perfect tool for building customer relationships to help you generate leads and sales.


1. Decide on your goals


In running a successful marketing campaign, clear goal-setting is crucial. Some common goals are: organically growing your email list, boosting engagements, nurturing existing subscribers, and re-engaging subscribers. Bear in mind that different goals need different approaches to email marketing. For example, if the goal is to re-engage with subscribers, sending “we miss you” emails after 3 months of inactivity is better than sending another random newsletter.

2. Make appropriate segments


Be sure to have studied your subscribers’ demographics, psychographics, location, interests etc. It will be very helpful in systematically grouping them into relevant segments. When the target audience is definite in each segment, you will be able to draft relevant content and subscribers will be targeted appropriately resulting to better engagement.


Take the case of Spotify, which sends segmented emails to their subscribers based on their listening habits:



3. Create intriguing subject lines


Research shows that 35% of recipients open their emails based on subject lines, so writing a catchy one is crucial. Some examples of great subject lines that pique the interests of recipients are personalized subject lines and those that contain numbers such top 5 list of something relevant to your business.


4. Attractive design and layout


The layout, colors, typography, template pattern, background images and other design elements of an email are basically what catch the attention of the subscriber. The email design and layout need to be engaging and efficient. For example, using GIFs can make your design more entertaining and it can help reinforce the point you want to convey, thus making it more engaging. As for the efficiency of your design, you need to include both plain text and HTML versions that your recipients can toggle between to make it easier for them to view the email in their preferred format.


5. Use personalized and target appropriate copy


Subject lines are not the only ones you should consider when personalizing a marketing email; creating relevant and targeted content is also a must. Once you’ve figured out your subscriber’s likes and dislikes, writing specifics for them will be easier. Not only are you creating the content with a specific group of people in mind, you are also looking for more ways to endorse and dispense the content in order to reach a specific target group. With this, it’s important to perform behavioral email marketing. For example, if you’re sending emails to millennial customers, you might want to turn up the casual slang and the emojis


6. Right landing pages


Getting your subscribers to respond to your email’s CTA is just half the battle. You need to make sure your landing page can help persuade them to take the next step. According to a study by Unbounce, a landing page that focuses on just 1 CTA posted 13.5% conversion rate compared to 10.5% for those with more than 1 CTA.



7. Email testing


It is important to conduct email testing before sending out to your subscribers. For example, you can test different subject lines to see which one gets the higher open rate. You can also experiment with different call-to-actions and see which one performs better.


8. Unsubscribe option and set preferences


This one can make or break your campaign because of stringent implementation of the Data Privacy Act and CAN-SPAM Act (read our article on how to ensure your email marketing campaigns remain compliant). Provide a visible unsubscribe option in your emails so customers can easily request to be taken out of your mailing list. You could also include preference options. For example, some of your subscribers might only be interested to learn about upcoming deals but not about your weekly newsletter.


Crafting the perfect email marketing campaign is only half the battle; without the proper tools, you run the risk of running campaigns without understanding what’s working and what’s not. Why not try Ignite? With our all-in-one self-serve marketing automation platform, you can craft personalized messages to send to your customers via email or SMS. And the best part? Ignite comes with analytics that can help you tweak your emails to create the perfect campaign.


Email marketing works, if done correctly. Not convinced? Here’s how email marketing can help create customer engagement.






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