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Is Your Brand Mobile-Friendly?

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Today’s consumers want everything in an instant. In a snap of a finger, they want to see the full detail — that is, if you got their attention in the first place. They easily get impatient and would never think twice about hitting the x button upon seeing poorly made content.


Come to think of it, a mobile gadget has become a very powerful marketing tool, which can either make or break your brand.  In the US alone, some 25% completely switched to mobile use and threw their laptops to the dump. So how do you really borrow 10 seconds of their time and achieve brand recall?



1. Responsive Design


Use a responsive design because it allows the display to be viewable in different devices. A responsive design utilizes flexible elements such as layouts, images, and cascading stylesheet media queries. The page will be able to identify the user’s screen size and orientation and modify the layout accordingly when responsive design is used.


2. Use Photos That are Easy to Load


Take note that the bulk of the mobile users do not have the time and patience to wait for a single photo to load up. More often than not, if the page does not show up automatically upon click, you will lose the reader. Aside from the fact that loading a large photo consumes more data, it reduces the chances of drawing a potential customer or client. Always make sure that the website loads easily on all leading phones and tablets.


3. Short but Meaningful Text


Writing a catchy headline is a good way to entice the customer to read or check out the rest of the content. Remember that when writing for mobile readers, the screen space is very limited unlike that of a PC, hence a long headline is a no go. Always aim to write concise but convincing headlines to get a mobile user’s attention instantly, therefore leading them to read on.


When it comes to email, it pays to have a well-defined subject line. With limited time on their hands, the subject line will make your reader do any of these things “read now”, “delete” or “save for later”. Without a clear subject, the email will most probably be deleted. Compose a concise subject line to end up being read at once or at least saved for reading at a later time.


4. Mobile Friendly Email


Aside from a concise headline, it’s also important to identify yourself properly because not doing so might create confusion that will most likely leave your email getting moved to the trash bin.


Create plain text and HTML versions of your email. Make sure that each email will render swiftly and clearly whether the content shows the text and a preference to load pictures or the photos will load automatically.


5. SMS Marketing


According to Lookout, 58% of smartphone users check their phones at least every hour. They keep their phones handy and are always using one to find vital information.



Since 41% of mobile phone users use their phones for text messaging instead of talking, using SMS marketing is the way to go. Here are some reasons why.


  • Traceable platform:You can easily track who opens or ignores your message


  • Device-agnostic: SMS can work on any SIM-enabled device. It also doesn’t need internet to work.


  • Interactivity:Mobile text messaging makes it possible to get quick feedback from your recipients by clicking the reply button.


  • Immediate delivery: SMS Marketing is almost instant. One can easily create a campaign, send it out with just a click and get back hundreds of impressions and clicks within minutes.


  • Personal touch: Sending a text message using your mobile device gives you a chance to informally personalize the message. Opt to share a story or attach a link to a site where people can get more details or learn more about your brand.


Capitalize on the audience’s dependence on mobile devices. Connect with them and tell a story. Create one that appeals to the emotions. Eventually, it will translate to action.


Not quite sold on SMS marketing yet? Read our article on Everything You Need to Know About SMS Marketing and find out what you may be missing out on.







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