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AdSpark | Digital Wire Issue #20


Data is a marketers best friend. This issue explores how good data can affect business decisions and how you can use it to win strategic battles.           

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Are You Truly Data-Driven? Think Again.  
We have here some pointers to help you do a self-audit to asecrtain whether you are indeed data-driven and how you can go about it.

How Lego Rose Back To Prominence Using Data Analytic   
On the brink of bankruptcy, Lego took to data to help steer
them to greater heights once again.

Leveraging on Data Can Help You Conquer the Digital Battlefield
        Did you know that you can capture your competitors’ customers even on their own territory with the help of data?       

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Got a meeting coming up? You probably do. Have you ever noticed that certain people dominate the room while others seem to agree with everyone? Just like our own distinct personalities outside work, each of us take a certain persona during a meeting. There are 4 distinct meeting personality types, knowing each can help you navigate your next one.


We’re quite familiar with Buzzfeed, it’s no secret that Buzzfeed’s revenue streams mostly come from native advertising. But the popular publisher has now shifted to programmatic buying. While most people tout this shift as a conflict of interest for their own customers, this will likely be the trend for popular native publishers online.


There’s been a lot of controversy over data privacy especially after the cambridge analytica scandal. A lot of this is centered on access on apps and what they can access on your Facebook account. In this age of hyper connected and easily shared information, it’s time to review what kind of data you’re letting apps access your data on Facebook.


A blog is an important part of any website. A blog makes you more searchable online and keeps your readers or fans coming back for more content. If you haven’t started your blog, best to start now. When designing your blog, here are some practical tips on what not to do.

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