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FWD Life: Piso Tales

It pays to know the value of a piso

FWD Life generates a 248% increase in brand awareness, despite minimal brand mention on the Wattpad platform.

We worked with Wattpad and FWD Life to promote financial literacy in the Philippines while increasing awareness of the insurance brand.

Overspending, insufficient savings, and a lack of financial literacy – these are the unfortunate hallmarks of the millennial financial health. Recent research shows that only 25% of Filipinos are financially educated, and the country’s financial literacy ranking is at 62, a score lower than the average regional mark.

Delight on Display

In a first of its kind execution in the industry, FWD Life sought to redefine the concept of financial literacy through online storytelling. As the exclusive reseller of Wattpad in the country, AdSpark unlocked the untapped opportunity of using the platform that’s created for millennials by millennials. Wattpad’s Filipino storytelling community reaches 30% of the millennial population with over 5.4M users.

Display Ads


With the hopes of breathing life on financial literacy and shaking off its mundane nature, three different millennial authors were chosen to publish three different stories. While all three are abundant with lessons on financial literacy, each has its own way of touching the heart and feeding the soul.

An advocacy campaign done right can also boost awareness for your brand




A great collaboration to bring to life a creative financial journey that will stand out in the cluttered digital space.

Diet Lagura, Senior Brand Manager - FWD Insurance Philippines

Piso Tales is a proof that people respond to powerful stories on engaging platforms. With AdSpark's help, you can create effective brand stories on Wattpad.