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Design Specialist

January 18, 2021

Job Overview

The Design Specialist is an integral member of the Creatives team whose main responsibility is to help ideate and produce the needed advertising assets for a particular client. This can be in the form of a variety of outputs that exemplifies the conceptual and technical knowledge in design, art direction, and possibly copy, of the Design Specialist. Although, his expertise must be in digital, more traditional art and design capabilities are also needed.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Create graphic and visual design outputs, both static and animated. Must be apparent in the use of graphic design software, but must also be capable in hand-drawn aspects if needed.

2. Exercise strong familiarity with a variety of graphic design software as well digital asset creative suits, including but not limited to: PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere, XD, Google GWD, etc.

3. Ensure that the creative ideas of Creative Strategists and Community Managers are actualized by providing visual outputs that contribute to creative-led pitches, may it be in the form of mocks and/or concept boards.

4. Participate in brainstorming ideas to come up with the best possible visuals as aligned with clients’ needs and objectives.