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Senior Campaign Manager

January 18, 2021

A Senior Campaign Manager reports to the Team Lead of Media Operations. In the organization they are part of the sub unit Media Operations, under the Media Technology Management & Operations

This unit’s involvement can be categorized across three levels of Media operations:

  1. Pre-Planning
    • With every client engagement, comes a need to address. Hence, answering a brief on how best to meet campaign objectives. This brief is answered by the Media Operations Unit by putting together a strong media & channels plan to best address the client’s KPIs/objectives given the workable budgets.
    • If KPIs are not set, KPIs are set by this unit as well.
  2. Campaign Activation
    • On approval of the plan, campaign is rolled out according to plan and flight for the purpose of meeting the agreed objectives and KPIs.
    • This segment of the job is further categorized into two phases: set up and optimization; Strength of optimization is measured against two factors: Cost Efficiency, and, Agility to Adapt on Opportunity.
  3. Post Campaign Analysis
    • At the end of each campaign, the unit provides a performance report showing how the campaign performed against its goals given the amount of time and budgets.
    • Insights and recommendations on channels are also made available on this report as a reference point for future learnings.

Duties and Responsibilities