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Time To Do Live Video For Your B2C Business

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Video consumption has risen in popularity through the recent years. The trend was put into motion by user-generated video content platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.  This was later followed by video-on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. People now enjoy the convenience of watching their favorite shows anytime, anywhere they want, and right on their mobile devices.

A new phenomenon with regards to mobile video is quickly gaining ground.  Live video streaming on social media platforms is the next big thing. People and brands alike are jumping into this fresh new way of real time broadcasting. Yes it’s fun for individuals to play around with, but what can your business gain from live video?


Here are a few things that you might find beneficial when you get into live video:

Engage Your Social Community

Gone are the days when we are restricted to posting static content on our social feeds and wait for likes, comments, and shares. Live video is a great way to spur interaction with your brand’s social community, IN REAL TIME. Here you can actually see who and how many of them are viewing; and you can converse with your audience through live comments.

Boost Awareness for Company Events

Boost the mileage of your brand’s events by giving your customers a chance to take part, even when they aren’t physically there. Give your followers the best seats in the house through live video coverage. Another cool thing about this is after your live coverage ends, the video stays on your feed which be viewed by other followers who couldn’t see it live.     

Behind The Scenes Glimpse of Your Company

Give your customers a peek at how your business works, let them get to know some of the people behind it, and the workplace environment. This offers the opportunity to build affinity with your customers and social community thus helping build positive brand perception.

Enrich Product Use Through Practical Tips

Go the extra mile and give your customers a few fun practical tips on product uses or best practices. Live demos and even new product teases can excite your customers and help your brand be top of mind.

Mount Live Events Featuring Your Brand Ambassadors

Treat your customers to a live event with your brand ambassador via live video. This gives them a chance to ask questions, interact and get to know more about your influencer and your brand.


These are just a few of the things your business can do with live video. Take this great opportunity to connect and engage your social community and build lasting customer relationships.   




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