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THINK CONTEXT! (When Conducting Your Campaigns This 2018)

AdSpark Team - 5 years ago

Most of you would agree that people hate getting ads that are way too far from what they are actually interested in. Most especially when they are on their mobile devices.  

Bombarded by literally hundreds of communication from dozens of brands, how then do we break through all the noise and capture that precious customer attention? Consider three things, customer, context, and mobile delivery.

Know Your Customer

All marketers should know this by heart by now. Understanding your customer enables you to connect with them with the right communication. Getting hold of reliable consumer data is essential as it will help you break them down according to:

a. Profile: Identifying the demographics gives you a glimpse of the types of personality, lifestyle, and even the manner in which they communicate.

b. Location: Local search has steadily grown over the course of a few years. More and more people turn to their mobile phones to search for the nearest store or restaurant in real time.

c. Interest: Search, browsing behavior, and mobile purchases are good indicators of customer interests.


Work Within Context

Given the valuable information, it is now within your capacity to craft the perfect brand communication. Putting profile, location, and interest together gives you enough insight to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.


Creating Context On Mobile

Mobile is one of the best mediums for context to come together. However, it’s difficult to navigate what options you should take on mobile since there are many ad formats at your disposal. When creating context on mobile, sometimes the simplest approach can be the most effective. Consider SMS, it is actually one of the most effective mediums on hand and it can even be more personal when you think about it.  

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