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Which New Tribe Are You In?

AdSpark Team - 3 years ago

Great events in history cause great changes in the course of humanity.

Different kinds of catalysts have shifted how human beings behave – some in ways seemingly small, and some seismic.


There are world events: The Great Depression, The World Wars, The Cold War, The Moon Landing, and medical breakthroughs.

There are those closer to home: Colonizations and Liberations, Martial Law, typhoons to remember by name, earthquakes to remember by year and location, and changes in government to remember by hashtags and effigies.


The COVID-19 Pandemic is one such catalyst, not only because of the magnitude of its medical, geopolitical, psychological, and financial impact, but also because of how it has caused and is continuing to cause rapid changes in the adoption of digital technology.


In the desire to cope with social distancing, community quarantines, and closed shops, many Filipinos have sought the help of digital technologies. This has birthed new tribes – new audiences with changed mindsets and behaviors. This of course raises the question: are they merely flights of pandemic fancies, or permanent fixtures?


Through AdSpark Intelligence, we were able to identify seven New Tribes that have emerged. The report will discuss how the Combo Shoppers, Rookie Cooks and Sweet Entrepreneurs, Techie Seniors, Ultra Health Conscious, Busy Homebodies, Digital Fundraisers, and Forced LDR Couples all evolved and continue to change consumer behavior.

As digital continues to become the norm, not only have our everyday activities shifted but our priorities as well. Through the screen, consumers are now growing to be more curious to explore their lives and for some eager to make a difference in society. With that, all the more is it crucial for marketers and brands to learn about these communities. Brands now have an important role to analyze how they can be an active player in the lives of their consumers and more importantly, how they can stay agile to the fast-changing world we live in today. 

To learn more about the emerging tribes today,

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AdSpark Team

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