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Product Spotlight: iVend

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

Vending Machine’s Declining Popularity

According to market research, consumers find vending machines outdated and boring. Rightly so, as some of the vending machines we’ve seen has been around for years and does the same basic things. Based on Euromonitor’s research, under the non-store selling segment in the Philippines, vending machines have the lowest share in terms of sales by channel with 0.13% vs direct selling at 78% and internet retailing at 20.4% in 2015.

Surprisingly, this is not the case overseas. A quick visit to Japan, Canada, or the United States will show that vending machines are doing quite well . A trend of cupcake ATM machines, branded lifestyle brands like Havaianas in vending machines, and even 24-hour pharmacies, have shown that there is still great potential in the vending industry.

Vending Revival

Studies have shown that Filipinos constantly find the need to make quick purchases due to busy lifestyles. This triggered an aggressive expansion of convenience stores nationwide. When you think about it, this is also an opportunity to revive the use of vending machines. But how can we breathe life into this “antiquated” sales channel? The answer is pretty simple. Make the user experience exciting, interactive, and unique.

The iVend Experience

AdSpark has taken the ordinary vending machine and turned it into an exciting experience by infusing it with digital technology. we are excited to introduce the iVend.

iVend is a highly interactive vending machine that offers unique and customizable experiences to your customers. Brands now have the opportunity to convey campaign messages through a medium that will certainly elicit customer curiosity and interest; and could even spur word of mouth that could turn viral. This can definitely be the centerpiece of brand activations to effectively drive awareness and engagement.

Operationally, iVend is relatively low maintenance. Thanks to a cloud system that enables remote management of the machine which includes repairs, deliveries, and even inventory. In addition, it can also gather useful customer data through video analytics. This can help you learn who engages with your brand and continually recalibrate your custom experience to maximize effectivity.

Through the iVend, we witness how the power of digital technology can transform a machine that has been around for decades into a dynamic channel that has the capability of bringing unconventional experiences to the consumer.

Give your brand activation an exciting twist by injecting iVend into your mix. Surprise and delight your customers through a unique vending experience.

AdSpark Team

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