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Product Spotlight: Browsing Behavior SMS

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

In a fast-moving digital world, consumers want instant and on-demand service. Modern devices and information exchanges have fueled this desire for immediate fulfillment. That’s why it’s really no wonder why SMS is proven to be one of the most successful mediums through which brands and marketers communicate with their audience.

Face it, SMS is everywhere

Even in the age of artificial intelligence, virtual realities, and app based communication, the basic yet powerful communication mode that is SMS is effective simply because almost everyone reads their text messages. Open rates for email marketing are at 20-30% but for SMS it’s at 98% with 83% opened within 3 minutes on a daily basis.

As a B2C communication platform, the ease of use and ubiquity of SMS is undeniable. There’s hardly any barrier between the marketer and the prospect. It works on every phone, on every network, you don’t need to consider design nor the user experience to which one navigates and almost everyone knows how to use it. It’s one sure way to get your message into your customers’ pockets within seconds but if done incorrectly, it can send your subscribers straight to the “opt out” button.  


Behavioral SMS in Action

Whatever your objective is as a marketer – large scale reach, re-targeting dormant customers, creating customer loyalty or all of these – targeting through SMS marketing can be done in several ways. You can base it on your customers’ location, it can be done by bulk, or it can be based on your preferred age and gender profile.

You can also select segments of users based on their online behavior and reach them with the most relevant message. This is what we call Browsing Behavior SMS (BSMS).

On the tech side of things – we can basically track just about everything, be it user clicks, visits, and other behaviors. It allows us to analyze what might interest a consumer based on the pages they have viewed, categories of products they appear to be buying from or the links they have visited using their mobile phones.

Through BSMS you can target through your audience’s’ mobile browsing behavior by tagging websites that share the same profile of your brand, or even your competitors’. You can use the mobile numbers that visit those websites and target them effectively on your next SMS campaign.


Browsing behavior should streamline future company actions. The idea of giving a consumer information he or she really wants – whether it be about gadgets, movies or sneakers– is the philosophy on which targeted messaging has succeeded. The future of mobile marketing is one of prioritized customization and personalization. Don’t fall by the wayside of staying on the opposite. BSMS can let you reach the right customers and serve them on their own terms.



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AdSpark Team

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