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Why Philippines remains to be Wattpad’s Key Market

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Allan Lau, CEO and Co-founder of Wattpad, recently visited the Philippines to talk about the success of Wattpad, and how the Philippines is a key region for this Canadian-based storytelling platform.


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Wattpad, a global multiplatform entertainment company with more than 65 million monthly users worldwide, continues its growth in the Philippines with 7 over million monthly users. This makes the Philippines the second largest market after the United States.


Albeit already remarkable, wattpaders in the country is expected to continuously grow. “Pretty much everyone will have access to data, or at least WiFi if without data, …I believe that alone will help increase our user base,” said by its CEO and Co-Founder, Mr. Allan Lau, during his recent talk at Kickstart ventures.


“Wattpadders in the Philippines have embraced the future of entertainment, where technology and storytelling come together to empower new voices,” added by Mr. Lau. “Filipino readers, writers, and entertainment executives were first to understand the true scope of our vision to entertain and connect the world through stories. As a result, hundreds of Filipino Wattpad stories have been turned into books, TV shows, and films, changing how entertainment gets made in the country.”

Some notable examples of Wattpad stories that have been turned into TV shows and movies are: She’s Dating the Gangster and Diary ng Panget in collaboration with TV 5 back in 2014.


“Wattpad has transformed entertainment in the Philippines and around the world. They’ve built a community and technology that taps into our shared desire for stories, the most intimate and powerful form of human expression. Now they’re building a new, data-based framework for entertainment, sharing Filipino stories and voices with a global audience,” said by Kickstart Ventures President, Minette Navarrete.


With this, Wattpad is seeking new partners and has always been grateful for having Globe as a strong and solid partner for years. “We have a very close relationship with Globe, so at the minimum…we are working with Globe Studios and HOOQ,” mentioned by Mr. Lau in a media roundtable.

But as the platform grows, the need for new partners is deemed necessary. “There are so many players in this market. Despite the fact that Globe invested in us…we are not exclusively working with Globe. There are many players in the market…we are talking to everyone in the market,” he added.


Wattpad’s vision is to entertain and connect the world through stories. Its flagship app, Wattpad, is home to a community of more than 65 million people who spend over 15 billion minutes a month engaged in original stories. Tap by Wattpad, the company’s second storytelling product, offers short, chat-based stories in over a dozen languages. Wattpad Studios co-produces stories for film, television, digital and print, together with industry partners. Wattpad Brand Solutions offers a full suite of advertising products to help brands build deep engagement with Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

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