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Paid Advertising: DIY or Hire an Agency?

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Paid advertising can be an overwhelming endeavor. Doing it on your own can be costly, especially if it is not your area of expertise. We understand your dilemma: Should you do it yourself or hire an agency to do your paid advertising campaign?

In this article, we have provided a guideline on how you can determine if hiring an agency is the right direction for you.


1.  Your Team Can’t Take On Additional Work



There comes a time when you might want to grow your team but certain factors restrict you from doing so. It might be financial considerations or otherwise, but the point is you can’t take on additional employees to handle some of your projects. When this happens, your team might need to multitask.


However, multitasking is not always effective. When your team is spread out too thin, quality is bound to take a dip. They may get things done but if the quality of work suffers, you might as well just invest in hiring an agency.


2. You Need to Get Optimal Results But Have No Idea How to Do It


You might have no idea how to make your advertising campaign become a big hit. It could be because of changing algorithms on your advertising medium of choice. It could also be because of the need to tap into a new market to which you do not have expertise in.

Whatever is the case, it is always prudent to get experts to help you when you do not know how to do things.

You can get an on-demand team of experts when you hire a reputable ad agency. This means no more hiring process for a lot of in-house employees, no trainings needed, and no need to master a new set of tools to tap into a new market.



When you hire an agency, you can easily get started with focusing on what’s truly important: making your paid advertising campaign become a hit.


3. You Are Just Starting Out With Doing Paid Advertising


Hiring an agency is a good decision if you are clueless about paid advertising. You can have the agency fully take over in planning and executing your advertising strategy. This helps you achieve your goals especially if you do not have the luxury of having a longer learning curve. It can also help you maximize your budget as you get to avoid making mistakes that newbies usually commit.


People always say to begin with the end in mind. When you get the services of an ad agency, you get a chance to visualize your own campaign through their portfolio. You can check if their previous projects similar to yours are according to what you have envisioned it to be. You can also check the metrics they have to gauge if there are things you need to improve upon.


Most importantly, hiring an agency can get you tons of golden nuggets from their previous projects that can help you get closer to achieving your goals.



4. Hiring an Agency is Cost-Effective


If you think hiring an agency is expensive, wait until you try it grow your team to handle the additional workload.

From payroll and expensive software tools to healthcare and other benefits, these costs will significantly add up. Worse, most of these will be piling up on your monthly burn rate.



Hiring full-time employees to take on additional short-term workload may prove costly. You will need to pay them even during periods when not too much work is on the table. Instead, you can opt to hire an agency to handle a sporadic workload that pops up from time to time that your team can’t handle anymore.


Getting the services of an ad agency might initially appear to be expensive but the devil is in the details. You should take into account payroll and the possible severance packages when retrenchment occurs, paying for full-time employee benefits, the need to have your human resource team manage additional staff, the training you need to hold for new hires, and the additional real estate you might need for them.


In summary, you hire an agency if your team can’t handle additional work, if you need to get optimal results but don’t know how to, if you have a shorter learning curve, and if you want to maximize your budget.



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