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Maximizing your Content through Lead Magnet

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

By now, most marketers have probably created compelling content for their brands. We have seen how most 2017 digital marketing forecasts highlighted the need to produce creative, engaging, and immersive content experience. That no matter what industry you’re in, your content marketing must be greater than ever.  

In case you haven’t stepped up your content game, you should check out Firm Up Your Content Plan for the Year  for some helpful tips. We suggest getting yourself familiar with content marketing prior focusing on our next subject: lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet?

You’re all set for the year’s content strategy. You target producing good quality content on a regular basis with the objective of increasing traffic, following and traction. Think you’re already at the peak of your content game? Quite close, but not yet.

Marketers have to aim for more than just followers and virality. We want our target market to do more while they are on the brand’s page. And this is where lead magnet comes in.  Lead magnets, according to Ann Smarty of Content Marketing Institute, is a piece of content aimed at motivating consumers to take action. It plays a big role in every marketer’s conversion channel as this type of content allows brands to persuade their target audience to take a step further.

Here are few ways to maximize your content through lead magnets.

Offer downloadable e-books

After you’ve spurred the interest of your blog readers, provide them with a step-by-step guide through downloadable e-books. These free virtual books can feature some of your best work or can be re-purposed digital marketing decks. Offer the e-book as the carrot in exchange for their professional details and send it via e-mail.

Providing e-books is not only a good lead generation tool but can also contribute to your brand’s credibility.

Clickable presentations and links

Drive traffic to your content by producing clickable presentations and articles. Adding hyperlinks to your recent content materials allow your readers to easily visit other relevant articles you have in your site. We also recommend exploring LinkedIn slideshare as it allows viewers to click items in your visuals and clip their fave slides!

Re-purpose Videos to Podcasts

Adding videos to your content is almost always a good move. We have seen statistics from HubSpot showing how content consumption behavior has favored videos.  Since producing it takes a lot of time and budget, why not maximize it? Explore on converting your material into downloadable podcasts. This way, you can also target a different type of audience. Similar with e-books, send the podcasts after receiving their professional contact information.

Host webinars

Webinars are considered as an impactful business tool. It allows your brand to cater to a significantly large audience without breaking anyone’s bank. Once done right, webinars develop brand awareness and credibility, create and improve business relationships, and can be an excellent way for lead generation. Since webinars are live, brands can interact with their target market and find out their interests and pain points. This type of content can also be recorded and repurposed as video, podcast and article.  

And same with the rest, the only thing you’ll be needing from your target audience are their professional contact details.

On top of it all, having lead magnets make it easier for marketers to track their social media ROI.


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