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Marketing Emails You Need Up Your Sleeve

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Email marketing has been around for quite a long time and for good reason. Compared to other channels, email yields better ROI for every dollar spent.


However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all: it’s still important for marketers to choose the right email type that would best fit a specific campaign. We’ll go through a couple of these which you can use immediately to boost your engagement with customers.


Goal-Based Nurturing Emails



In essence, goal-based nurturing emails are designed to discover more about what content your recipients would find useful and be interested in. It is an email containing a question or series of questions to find out more about what subscribers want to read about, so you can tailor-fit the content to what subscribers would likely read and be engaged in. With this email, HubSpot was able to drive up its engagement by an astounding 1,000+%.


While many email marketers include this as part of their welcome email to new subscribers, you can also use this to re-engage with inactive subscribers. You can ask what topics they might want to stop receiving from you and which ones they’d like to receive more often. This can help you make adjustments to your content that they find useful and can help them in achieving their goals.


Welcome Emails


Welcome emails are a favorite of many marketers, as it is one of the most engaging emails you can send. As the name implies, a welcome email is an email that your business sends to subscribers upon signing up to your newsletter. Customers typically open welcome emails, and it posts higher CTRs too. While this is usually used in conjunction with the goal-based nurturing email, you can also use welcome emails together with a limited-time offer to get an even higher CTR.



Customer Story Emails


What better way to advertise your product or service than to let your subscribers hear it straight from one of your happy customers? People are more likely to purchase your product or service if other people have vouched for your business, and the Customer Story email is the perfect  place for that. For example, online learning platform Udemy featured customer stories on their blogs, which increased their engagement by 35%. You can do the same with email. Get some of your happy customers to share their stories and feature these in your email campaign.



Transactional Emails


A transactional email is sent for every transaction that the customer did with your business, whether it’s ordering a product, making a reservation, or even filing a complaint.


This is one of the most basic email types out there, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. In fact, it’s one of the most effective emails that your business can use. Simply put, transactional emails are sent for every transaction that your customers make with you. It can be as simple as sending a confirmation email for a successful purchase, booking, reservation, or subscription.


Here’s an example from GoDaddy:



This type of email can boost your CTR. Notice how the “Go to My Account” CTA is properly highlighted. Customers are more likely to take action after a transactional email, either to take a look at their account or to immediately use your product. Take this chance to upsell them, too: you can include a promo code or a discount on selected items to upsell your customers.



If you aren’t convinced yet to start investing more in marketing emails, here are the top reasons why email marketing remains to be the king of ROI. And once you’ve decided to take your email campaign to the next level, here are 4 ways email can make your marketing more efficient.




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