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Greetings, valued clients!

To serve you better, we have scheduled a system maintenance to provide a much more dynamic platform for your campaigns.

Kindly see summary details for the system maintenance below.

Maintenance Ignite Platform Upgrade
Platform Ignite APAC Production
Start/End Date 07 Nov 2018 22:00 – 08 Nov 2018 02:00 (GMT + 8)
Impact The system will be completely offline for four hours during this maintenance. During this time:

  • UI will be unavailable
  • Inbound messages queued upstream where supported
  • Outbound messaging services scheduled queued
  • Request sent via API failed with an appropriate failure response returned.
Upgrade Highlights This upgrade is a major product release introducing new features, significantly expanding the existing functionality and addressing issues encountered in previous product versions.

  • New CSV File Import Framework: New customer records CSV file import framework with significantly improved upload speed, increased file size limit, ability to let the import complete in the background, enhanced user experience, and more.
  • Extended Encryption Support: Ability to encrypt all types of Customer Fields (including addresses), message content and message sender/recipient addresses.
  • Database API calls for working Custom Entities: A number of new API methods allowing to read, write and retrieve Custom Entity records.
  • New tool for resetting own password: An option for Login Profiles to reset their own passwords using a 2-factor authentication mechanism, which verifies user’s email address and mobile number.
  • Voice Queue Wallboards: A reporting tool, which includes individual widgets updated in real-time mode and displaying comprehensive statistics on Voice Queue activities taking place on the platform.
  • ‘Read Customer Records’ Synapse operation: A Synapse operation for looking up customer records that match specific conditions based on Customer Field values and retrieving an array of fields and values.
  • New ‘Customer Trigger’ for Synapse services: New Synapse Trigger, which activates the service whenever particular Customer Field values have been updated for CRM records by one or more record update processes.
  • Voice Call CSV Scheduled Reports: Fully automated scheduled SFTP reports, which collect data on incoming and outgoing calls taking place in the Account or a specific Queue over a certain period of time.
  • Personalised Dashboard: New Dashboard features, allowing to personalise the list of shortcuts to the areas you work with most frequently, bookmark any portal page and access it directly upon logging in to the system, review workflow approval notifications, and more.

Should you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to email danica@adspark.ph


Ignite Team