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How to Keep SMS fresh in a Mobile Nation like the Philippines

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

It has been 24 years since the first SMS was sent by Neil Papwoth in the UK. Today, even as other messaging apps have emerged such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook messenger, texting or SMS still remains as one of the most used features in a smart phone.

In the Philippines, we have transitioned from being a texting capital of the world to being labelled as “Philippines: the social nation.” In 2015, there were more than 113 million mobile telephone subscribers. Filipinos spend an average of 140 minutes per day on their device. With the rise of applications, video use, and other mobile features, how can SMS continue to be engaging to a mobile user?

The answer is through innovative solutions. Case in point, SMS is now being widely used as a tool by brands to reach a highly targeted consumer base due to its usability and ubiquity. Unlike applications that need WiFi connection or that have various options that need to be learned, SMS is straightforward and simple.

Clip, an SMS based solution enables brands to deliver relevant video content to their target audiences and instantly reward their engagement. Enabling brands to reach their specific audience profile, clip also allows brands to sponsor data access.

After receiving a text message from a brand, consumers are able to watch a relevant video and instantaneously receive rewards or incentive in a form of free data or mobile coupons that may be claimed in-store.

This is ideal for data hungry Filipino prepaid subscribers with limited access to Free wifi or post paid subscribers with limited data plans. SMS becomes integral not only to consumers but even to brands as it becomes a viable marketing campaign channel. Loyalty programs executed through SMS are becoming a forefront in retail marketing because of its hyper-targeted feature.

So bottom line – how do you keep SMS fresh? Through continuous integration with new aspects of technology, SMS will continue to stay relevant in our lives, reaching us instantly and constantly, anytime, and anywhere.

AdSpark Team

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