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GOOD READS #9: #PAW2019 edition

AdSpark Team - 5 years ago

In his welcome speech during the country’s second Privacy Awareness Week, NPC Commissioner Raymund Liboro says, “Compliance is not an overnight journey.” Companies need to make a conscious and continued effort to adjust. Some have tried to keep up — and some have failed.



NPC conducts hearings on 48 online lending apps after over 400 harassment complaints


We’ve all borrowed money at some point in our lives, and we’ve all probably been hounded by our benefactors to pay up – it’s just the circle of life (or money, as it were). But online lending apps have taken it one step too far, and the National Privacy Commission is taking action.



San Francisco bans facial recognition technology


Nowadays, facial recognition is everywhere – from popstars using it to identify stalkers, to something as small and mundane as our smartphones, the technology seems harmless at worst. And yet, San Francisco, home to tech mecca Silicon Valley, has just become the first US state to outlaw facial recognition. Whether this is a win or a loss, only time will tell.



How GDPR affected marketers in its first year


Over the past few years, netizens have given more importance to their privacy, which in turn birthed the creation of data privacy regulation laws like CAN-SPAM and DPA. Probably the most well-known of these is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which began its implementation last year. Here’s how much has changed since then.



How much of the internet is fake?


When Queen sang, “Is this the real life / Or is this just fantasy?” they might as well have been singing about the internet. As more money is poured into online ads, more publishers need to prove that their ad placements are worth the investment. For some, this means creating fake audiences viewing fake websites and clicking on fake ads. But just how many of them walk amongst us humans?


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