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GOOD READS #6: Establishments and challengers

AdSpark Team - 5 years ago

In this day and age, when practically every product and service imaginable is available, it’s all about disruption. This week, we read up on how challenger brands are trying to flip the script — and how establishment brands are trying to maintain the status quo (or disrupt the industry themselves).



The Captionfluencers


Remember when Instagram was created nearly 10 years ago? Everything was square, you couldn’t zoom in on photos, and we’d caption our posts with a simple “#Valencia.” And then, somewhere along the way, Instagram turned into a blog where users could post about their feelings and experiences. We have the Captionfluencers to thank for that.



How Apple is expanding its media business


Whether you like it or not, Apple is here to stay. What was once a challenger brand in the ’90s is now this decade’s establishment brand — just look at all the new smartphone models that carried the iconic notch when Apple first introduced it in 2017. Here’s how Apple is trying to keep things fresh.



Meet Endel: The first-ever algorithm to sign a music distribution deal with a major label


From being an Instagram influencer to writing a book, it seems artificial intelligence can do everything nowadays. And now, adding another notch in algorithm’s belt: an algorithm has signed on with Warner Music Group to distribute its customized soundscapes that befit any person, mood, or situation.



The Hallyu wave: How crisis led to K-Pop


The K-Pop craze is getting even bigger, and that’s through no accident. It’s no secret that our favorite Korean celebrities are supported by the South Korean government itself, but what most don’t know is that the Hallyu wave itself was a very calculated effort to uplift South Korea from crisis.


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