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GOOD READS #2: Changes and choices

AdSpark Team - 5 years ago

Every now and then, there comes a time where you need to stop, rethink what you’re doing, make some choices — some life-changing, some not. Read on for some articles that made us go hmm.



10 Year Challenge: How Popular Websites Have Changed


We’re all familiar with the 10-year challenge creeping up on your feeds. But a 10-year challenge that excites us is websites! How much has your favorite website changed in the past 10 years? Spoilers: sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.



Be the First and Last Stop: Rethinking Search Strategies for SEA Consumers


Gone are the days when search platforms are mere sources for helpful relevant information. It now goes beyond direct conversions as it encompasses the full customer journey. The influence on purchase decision can be so great it adds value to brand favorability, drives engagement, and can ultimately drive sales. So, are you really getting the most out of search?



Why Data Privacy is Hot and Machine Learning is Not


Anyone who’s read any article about digital marketing trends can tell you: data privacy and artificial intelligence (specifically, machine learning) are bound to hit it big over the next couple of years. But for many people, the idea of both trends coexisting at the same time might be suspect. One writer on The Next Web tells us why he’s betting on data privacy to emerge victorious.



Sixty Percent Of Us Chose the Frosties and More Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Stats


Last December, Netflix and Black Mirror shook the internet to its core with Bandersnatch, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure movie not unlike the Goosebumps books of our childhood. And if, like us, you joined the Bandersnatch bandwagon (or, dare I say, banderwagon), you may have wondered what choices other viewers made. Sugar Puffs or Frosties? Wonder no more — Netflix has released stats on popular Bandersnatch choices.


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