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GOOD READS #1: Emotions, efficiency, and experience

AdSpark Team - 4 years ago

It’s hard for brands to strike the perfect balance between emotions and efficiency, but when they do, it creates the perfect brand experience for their consumers. Read on to see how others found the happy medium.



How comments became the best part of Instagram


Instagram has always been associated with filters, short videos, and more recently Stories. Aside from those, have you been noticing the comments section on the social platform? Some people argue the best part of Instagram is going through the comments.




Masters of Mobile: Southeast Asia report


Did you know that it only takes an average of 3 seconds of mobile page load time before consumers discard a site? In keeping up with consumer lifestyle, speed and simplicity are becoming increasingly important on the journey to conversion. Google shows us how we can improve over-all mobile experience and consumer interaction with our brand.



Mastercard reveals new nameless logo courtesy of Michael Bierut


MasterCard has recently changed its logo once again, fully embracing modern minimalism. It’s not the first time they’ve changed their logo, they’ve been reducing its elements since the 1960’s.



Do people really buy brands based on emotion?


Hundreds, if not thousands, of industry experts have extolled the virtue of emotional marketing; marketing superstar Bozoma Saint John herself said, ‘We’re in the feelings business. We’re not in the data business.’ But as with everything, it’s best to proceed with caution. Multi-hyphenate Nigel Hollis tells us when emotions might not be enough for your brand.


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