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How We Helped Globe Increase Monthly Sales by 500%

AdSpark Team - 5 years ago

In 2008, only 6.2% of the Philippines’ population were internet users; fast-forward 10 years later, and internet penetration is at 63% and showing no signs of stopping. This goes to show just how much the internet has rapidly developed into a fundamental need, with 58% of Filipinos accessing the internet daily.


In spite of this, only 20.66% of Filipinos have internet at home. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, while Filipinos are more internet savvy than the rest of the world, there are many other barriers to internet adoption such as affordability and infrastructure.


Those who have limited internet access circumvent these barriers by resorting to WiFi jacking (also known as kapit WiFi) from neighbors or in public areas such as restaurants. However, this disrupts the whole online experience of the home broadband subscriber, whose bandwidth now has to support additional devices.


To resolve this issue, Globe sought to lower the barriers to at-home internet by providing better internet access at affordable rates, various payment options, and wider coverage, thereby upgrading the Filipino online experience for all with Globe At Home — an alternative to traditional broadband subscription models.



Together with AdSpark, Globe At Home launched its first digitally focused campaign on various media channels to drive sales for the new product. Our brand’s unique solution centered on the audience at the core of marketing and tapped cultural insight to develop an entertaining and relevant story.



Be where your audience is


Nowadays, consumers let content find them rather than seeking it out themselves. So if you want your brand to be seen, you need to spend time where your audience is. And if Google’s Consumer Barometer report is any indication, that means your brand needs to be on social media, video, and search — the top 3 online activities for Filipinos.


Given this, Globe At Home with the help of AdSpark chose to roll out their campaign on Facebook, YouTube, Search Ads, and Programmatic where majority of their target market (individuals aged 25 – 45 years old) are most active in.


Serve relevant ads they want to see


Just as the world changes, so do our consumers. Connect in ways your audience wants to connect; otherwise, your relevance starts to diminish. To ensure resonance with a wide audience, we worked together with Globe At Home on a digital campaign that centered around a uniquely Pinoy video campaign, #NoMoreKapitWiFi. It integrated the country’s favorite film genres in a light-hearted mix of horror and comedy, with a well planned out visual media schedule comprised of various sets of strategic attention-grabbing creatives.


It’s all about having the right mix


The marketing funnel is a guide for a meaningful engagement with consumers which can be achieved through strategic marketing content that builds brand awareness. Content is the catalyst that pushes our consumers to the direction we want. Choosing the right platforms is a matter of discerning which networks are most popular among which type of market segment. Mix all this together and it will give you optimal lead conversions.


Awareness and conversion targets were achieved through the selective distribution of strategic creatives on digital media channels launched at the right time, and on the right platforms. This coupled with smart targeting allowed us to make sure that the right creative reached the right audience.



How did it pan out?

  • 5X Increase in monthly sales
  • 70% decrease on CPA



Within just 2 months of running the #NoMoreKapitWifi campaign, Globe At Home was thrilled to see an immediate impact driving a 5 times increase on its monthly sales, achieving their vision of a truly accessible at-home internet for all.


Not only that — the campaign also saw a 70% decrease on its cost-per-action (CPA) compared to previous campaigns, and displayed higher results compared to industry benchmarks, thus successfully maximizing resources — and returns — within a limited budget.


View through rates on YouTube spots were triple that of the industry benchmark and achieved 95% viewability and audibility. On the other hand, clickthrough rates doubled on Facebook, tripled on programmatic, and quintupled on search, vis a vis industry benchmarks.


Equipped with strong video content, Globe was able to capture audiences through strategic distribution of ads on selected media channels launched at the right time. The Globe At Home campaign is proof that the key to effective advertising is the perfect integration of content and context — one of the many ways digital has changed the way we advertise.


To learn more about AdSpark’s media solutions, you can check our website or reach out to us through our website or email.






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