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AdSpark | Digital Wire Issue #12

Good day,

We are excited to share an awesome Digital Wire milestone with you. This is our First Anniversary Issue and we really thank you for being with us in this journey.

In line with the anniversary, we are also trying out new things this coming year. Digital Wire will now be bi-monthly editions so as to give you more quality reads. Plus, we are adding a new section called “What We Are Reading” so we can also share what interests us at the moment. 🙂

We are almost at the end of another great year for digital marketing. But before we usher in 2018, let us first take a look at 2017’s Remarkable Mobile Marketing Campaigns and also find out how an Insurance company effectively engaged its target market through a mobile app.

Finally, we are on the cusp of another exciting year. And to help you prepare, we are sharing with you Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2018.

Share your thoughts on this issue and do let us know if you want us to cover any topic regarding #DigitalMarketing in the next issue of #AdSparkDigitalWire through newsletter@adspark.ph.

AdSpark Team

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2018

2017 may be ending, but it looks like mobile isn’t going anywhere. So this begs the question: should you make a resolution for the way you advertise, or should you continue in the direction you’ve been taking since the start of the year?

Remarkable Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2017

From collecting location-based data to creating virtual reality apps, advertising
on mobile has proven to be an important aspect of any company’s marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of 2017’s most exceptional campaigns.

How FWD Life Philippines Won Over The Millennial Market:
Orange World Mobile App Case Study

Engaging the millennials is the name of the game for most of today’s businesses. The challenge differs as each brand has its own unique customer perception to build, manage, and nurture. But it can even be more difficult for some industries, life insurance to be specific.

But FWD Life Philippines actually made it happen. Here’s how.

Here’s a new section in Digital Wire where we recommend interesting reads for you. 🙂

Creating a mobile app is an integral part of any mobile campaign. With thousands of apps out there how much does it truly cost to get a user to engage with your app? Check out Emarketer’s study on the cost of acquiring a mobile app user.


We’re big fans of Netflix here at AdSpark. On demand streaming has changed the way we consume entertainment. Before you catch up on the latest season of stranger things, have you ever wondered how does that work? Check out Mayukh Nair’s article on How Netflix Works (the hugely simplified version).


Whether you love it or hate it, brainstorming is an important part in planning your next campaign. Leigh Thompson’s advice to make it more effective? Begin by telling an embarrassing story.

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