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Digital Wire Feb 2018 (1/2)

February 15, 2018

AdSpark | Digital Wire Issue #17


How was Valentine’s day for you? In any case, you don’t ever have to feel alone because Digital Wire is always here for you. We got your back when it comes to Digital and Mobile Marketing. So here’s another edition for you, and it’s all about marketing automation.

Have fun reading!      

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Catch you again in 2 weeks, and have a great year ahead!

AdSpark Team

Do You Need Marketing Automation?

Automation has steadily found its way into our lives over the course of the years.
From banking to manufacturing, and now marketing too. If you aren’t doing it yet,
here’s something that might help you get in to it.

5 Key Learnings From the Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns   

Valentine’s Day is a big opportunity for most digital marketers. Love is in the air.
Love for that special someone, for family, for friends, and yes, even for yourself!

So we have compiled 5 key learnings from the best Valentine’s Day
campaigns to help you with your own.

3 Ways Marketing Automation Is Transforming 2018

How would you feel if all the advertisements you see seem like they  know you. Amazing, distracting, or way too creepy? 

At the rate marketing automation is going, marketers and consumers
better get ready for hyper-personalized marketing.

This is a new section in Digital Wire where we recommend interesting reads for you. 🙂

Take a quick look at your calendar, got any meetings today? What about tomorrow? Chances are you’ve got at least one meeting. Unfortunately, most meetings are could have been just been an email. Before you send out your next meeting invite, be sure to check out this handy guide to find out if that meeting is really necessary.


Creating an app for your business can reap great rewards. But what’s the point of spending all that hard earned money on developing, and marketing your app if people have a difficult time interacting with it. Here are some tips on enhancing interaction, perfect for your next update.


With new features that come out every month or so, the social media landscape is always changing. What can your brand learn from all the changes from last year? Check out this analysis of some of the biggest social media changes last year.


There’s a lot of content online, but what do customers following your company want to see? It’s no surprise to see that video is #1 but, email is still a strong contender. Check out Hubspot’s report on Global preferences on content trends to find out more!

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