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AdSpark | Digital Wire Issue #18


The first quarter of the year is on hand and your workload is also starting to get heavier. Well, automation can help alleviate some of that weight off of your shoulders and deliver great results at the same time.      

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What You Should Look For in Marketing Automation Tools

We give you some features of marketing automation tools we think are
essential for creating long-term benefits.

Remarkable Marketing Automation Campaigns

Get some inspiration when you do your own marketing automation
campaigns from some cool brand executions.

Time to Get Started on Marketing Automation 

If you are ready to dive into the awesome world of marketing automation, we have just the tool that you will love.

This is a new section in Digital Wire where we recommend interesting reads for you. 🙂

The phrase “disruption” isn’t new to us anymore. With Uber changing the business model of transportation, and AirBnB changing the world of hospitality, the buzzword has been on the mind of almost every enterprise and startup out there. How susceptible is your business to disruption? Harvard Business Review came up with a handy matrix to determine how risky our current business is, and how to react to it.


We live in an always on environment. While the internet has made collaboration and research so much more effective, it also puts a strain on us mentally. Studies show that compulsive internet use is connected with anxiety and depression. While it’s good to be online, consider going on a digital detox every once in a while to keep yourself fresh.


Chances are you’re getting this newsletter on Gmail. Infact Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms out there, however most people aren’t using it to its fullest potential. Email is a big (albeit necessary) time sink, here are some ways to make answering all those emails on Gmail a little easier.


Your keyword ranking, or google ranking, has always been a core metric for any SEO campaign. Given the changes that Google has made to their search algorithm, Hubspot makes the case that your google rank doesn’t matter anymore, and what to do instead.

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