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AdSpark Digital Wire #28

Talking about SMS marketing takes us back to our old teenage years, where we’d take minutes to write the perfect text message to send to our crushes. Nowadays, crafting branded SMS to text to our customers requires that very same thoughtfulness. Lucky for you, we’ve got that covered for this issue — and more!

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How to Make SMS Marketing Work for You

Before you hit SEND on that branded text, take 5 minutes to read this article and be well on your way to becoming an SMS pro.


Common Misconceptions About SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has made some progress ever since the first branded text was sent in 2000. Keep your facts up-to-date with this article.


SMS vs. Mobile Marketing: What’s the Difference?

As much as 5 hours per day are spent looking at one’s phone. How do you know you’re using the right channels to reach their screens?


What We Are Reading Now

Here are some recommended reads for you. 🙂

Marketers all over the world are making the huge leap to Marketing Technology, but is it worth it? AdWeek tells us what’s hot about MarTech — and what’s not.

The more technology progresses, the harder it gets to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. Case in point: researchers have created AI that can make you dance like you’ve never danced before.

How do you bring fresh eyes to something that’s older than a century? Ask the New York Public Library, who is reimagining classic novels as Instagram Stories.

Tired: The cult of busy. Wired: Becoming productive, and having time for ourselves (and the sleep we so rightfully deserve).

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