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More and more people are eschewing bulky desktops and laptops in favor of the handy mobile phone. Make sure your brand doesn’t get left behind.

AdSpark Digital Wire #27

With so many digital marketing tools at our disposal, it’s easy to get carried away and bombard our customers from as many channels as we can imagine. This month, we’re going back to basics: we’re putting the spotlight on SMS and mobile.

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Is Your Brand Mobile-Friendly?

More and more people are giving up bulky desktops and laptops in favor of the handy mobile phone. Make sure your brand doesn’t get left behind.


Everything You Need to Know About SMS Marketing

Did you know that only 30-40% of marketers make use of SMS? That’s a lot of missed opportunities! If that doesn’t convince you to make the jump, this article will.


3 Creative Ways to Use SMS for Your Brand

If you think SMS marketing limits your creativity, think again. Here’s how to make your brand’s personality shine in just 160 characters — or even less.


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Influencer marketing has been touted as a trend that’s been steadily on the rise, but is it the right step for you? eMarketer gives us the lowdown on which products can benefit the most from influencer marketing — and which ones might not.

Nowadays, just about any task can be automated, even shopping. But while that’s good for shoppers, it’s not always the best for sellers who want to make sure their products are in good hands. Here’s how an online retailer combatted bots with a simple bait-and-switch trick.

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