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AdSpark Digital Wire #36

So much has happened to the digital advertising landscape since the first banner ad was posted in 1994. Since then, new messaging, new formats, and new uses for new types of data have arisen. Need to catch up on all the changes? We’ve got you covered.

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Why Data is the New Oil — and Why It Isn’t

“Data is the new oil” has been the rallying cry for many digital marketers, but what does it even mean, and is it even accurate?


These April Fools’ Campaigns are No Joke

Brands have been doing April Fools’ for 40 years now, but these campaigns are keeping it fresh and original.


Understanding the Transformation Economy

Last year, the Experience Economy was the talk of many digital marketers. But soon, the Transformation Economy is set to take over.


GOOD READS #6: Establishments & Challengers

Hundreds of thousands of brands are now vying for their audience’s attention. Here’s how some are trying to rise above the noise.


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