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AdSpark | Digital Wire Issue #21


Social media and data privacy have been the hot topics these past few weeks. As such, this issue will cover interesting articles covering data security and social media hacks!        

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How to Protect Your Data in a Social First World 

When everyone is sharing their information on social media, should you?
In an age where sharing and stealing information have never been easier, here are few tips to guard you from data breach.


Social Media Management Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Today’s customers expect you to interact with them as often and as fast as they want. Which is why social media management can make or break your business.

But you can still have world-class management even with a limited budget with these hacks.

5 Signs Indicating You Need A Social Media Management Tool

So you think you’re handling your social media channels like a boss even without the tools? This article might help you realize that you actually need one.

This is the section in Digital Wire where we recommend interesting reads for you. 🙂

E-commerce has changed the way consumers buy products, adding a dimension to the shopping experience that physical stores find difficult to beat: convenience. And in this regard, online shopping has one clear winner: Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Just how successful is the king of online commerce?


Anyone working in the startup scene is familiar with the term “business model canvas”, it’s a popular tool to help you structure your startup and help you visualize the business model at a glance. But if you’re looking for a model that is more specific to your product and service consider using Strategyzer’s Value Proposition Canvas.


Demographics has long been the standard when selecting an audience for your ads. While it does drive results, is it doing so optimally? Google makes the case that demographics are dead, and we must shift our focus on intent instead.


Have you ever been put on the spot during a meeting? Often this experience rattles people, especially when tensions are high. Instead of fearing these situations, make this a good opportunity for you to shine.

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